Functions and Advantages of Interactive Learning and its 4 Types of Media


Interactive learning media can be used as a tool to channel messages or learning materials to make it more interesting, so that it is preferred by students and not boring.

The concept of interactive learning fully utilizes multimedia as an interactive medium between teachers and students also makes learning activities more fun and interesting.

Not only that, interactive learning also keeps the learning atmosphere like in a classroom. Students can still ask questions to the educators, on the other hand the teacher can also ask each student, thus ensuring the process learning running optimally and in accordance with the learning and teaching activities needed between teachers and students.

There are a number of functions of interactive learning media, including the following:

  • As an instrument to explain learning material, especially when the teacher explains the sun to the students.
  • Become a medium to formulate or answer problems that can be discussed between teachers and students.
  • Become a source of learning for students either individually or in groups.

Interactive learning media has a number of advantages over ordinary learning methods, here are some advantages:

  • Make learning time more effective and efficient
  • Attracting the interest of students to interact with teachers, besides that it can also increase student activities
  • Increase students’ learning motivation

Types of Interactive Learning Media

There are at least four types of interactive learning media that can be applied when delivering learning materials to students. In addition, in terms of material creation and ease of delivery, namely:


Interactive learning media with types of games or interactive games are one of the learning media that are in great demand by students. With this type of learning, students are not only learning but also while playing so it is fun.

In the game, teachers can insert interactive learning materials so that they are effective in honing students’ abilities so that the learning process can be accepted by students.

There are many applications that can be used as a means to create learning media, for example; Microsoft Powerpoint.


The next type of interactive learning media is the manipulative method by utilizing objects or tools that can be used to support the process of delivering learning materials, to hone the skills and thinking power of students to be more systematic.

You can use equipment such as marbles, wire, wood, cardboard or other objects that can be adapted to the needs of learning materials.


Utilizing videos to support learning activities is admittedly very helpful for students to learn. Through videos, subject matter can be delivered in videos so that students can see and hear (audi visuals) and then can be remembered by students so that they can be understood through the messages in the video.

Moreover, generally students have the character to more easily remember a video show even to dialogue in the video so that learning material delivered through video is very likely to be used as a medium to convey learning material.


So far, mathematics is considered a scary subject and difficult for students to understand. With this Matlab application, the mathematics learning process will feel more interesting and fun.

Because the Matlab application is a medium that makes it easy for educators to create math problems with attractive designs so that they can attract students’ interest in math subjects.

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