Get to know 6 types of learning models commonly used in Indonesia


The learning model has an understanding of how to present teaching materials carried out by educators when delivering subjects.

Learning models can also mean media assistance that makes it easier student in learning activities. The existence of this learning method also functions to make it easier for students to get information, ideas, skills and ways of thinking.

A good learning model is one that is carried out in the learning process of study materials or certain subjects or sub-topics that can be understood by students to the maximum so that they master the subject matter delivered by the teacher.

The following are six types of learning models commonly used in Indonesia:

Direct Learning Model

The direct learning model is one type of learning model method learning. Direct learning can mean a learning method in which educators transform information to students.

Direct learning refers to the learning technique of transferring knowledge from teachers to students directly, with lecture, demonstration, or question and answer methods involving the whole class.

Indonesian Realistic Mathematics Education Learning (PMRI)

The Indonesian Realistic Mathematics Education or PMRI learning method emphasizes the approach to the type of learning used in mathematics which prioritizes models of experiences and events that occur and are close to the lives of students in everyday life as a medium or a way to more easily understand mathematics subjects.

PMRI is a learning method theory that has been developed specifically for mathematics subjects. Given the concepts in realistic mathematics learning methods have characteristics that match the need to improve mathematics education which has always experienced obstacles and is always dominated by the problem of how to increase students’ understanding and interest in mathematics subjects while developing students’ reasoning power so that they have a high level of competence. good in math.

Problem Based Learning Model (PBM)

This learning method is an effective approach to the higher-order thinking processes of students. This learning method will help students process the information that is already in their minds, and then compile students’ knowledge about the world that exists in the environment and its surroundings.

Index Card Match Learning Model (Seeking a Partner)

Index Card Match or better known as the looking for a partner model is a fun learning method. The Index Card Match model is widely used to repeat the material that has been given previously.

New material can actually still be taught with this method. However, students must be given the task of learning the topics to be taught so that students when studying already have a stock of knowledge.

This Index Card Match requires students to study actively and have an independent spirit. Although carried out with the concept of playing, Index Card Match is effective in stimulating students to carry out learning activities in a responsible and disciplined manner.

So that learning objectives can be easily achieved and have an impact on increasing student achievement.

Contextual Learning Model

Contextual Learning Model is one of the concepts of a learning method that focuses on the relationship between learning materials and the real lives of students. So, students can connect and apply competencies in their daily lives.

Contextual learning method is also a learning concept that emphasizes the full participation of students in order to find the material being studied, and be able to relate it to situations in real life.

Contextual is also an educational process that has the aim of helping students see meaning and meaning in the subject matter being studied, by connecting the context of everyday life, by utilizing the context of the personal environment, social environment, and cultural environment of the students.

Cooperative Learning Model

Cooperative means a learning method that is carried out in a collaborative manner whose concept is almost the same as the group learning model.

The learning model allows educators to easily manage the class to be more effective.

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