Get to know NFT and How to Create and 3 NFT Platforms


Non-Fungible Tokens or more popularly known as NFT, are now increasingly in demand by the public, especially after the viral Ghozali Everyday who managed to earn billions of rupiah just by selling selfies of himself on the open sea.

Now, many people are starting to look for ways to create NFTs who want to try their luck to follow in the footsteps of Ghozali’s success.

As is known NFT is a page in the form of assets a variety of digital, ranging from photos, paintings, designs digitalmusical arrangements to original songs and videos that are considered valuable and can be traded.

As a forum for collectors of various digital creations, this platform also trades works of individuals that can be stored directly on digital devices, whoever the buyer is.

NFT Transaction

The buying and selling process in NFT is carried out online, either through official buying and selling sites or special buying and selling pages such as open sea and others that can be accessed by anyone and at any time for various needs, both only as digital collectibles, digital assets to other needs.

NFT Currency

In every transaction that takes place on this platform, the value of the currency uses crypto currency, the amount or price of each digital work sold is adjusted to market needs and the demand for existing digital works.

To be able to make it, it’s actually very easy, even for people who are still in the beginner category, especially in terms of crypto-based transactions though, this platform still promises to be used as a side income, of course if you sell quality digital works that are needed by many people.

The first thing you have to do, when you want to create one, is to choose the type of block chain to issue your NFT. There are at least seven types of block chains that have different token standards, here are the seven well-known block chains on this platform:

  • Tron
  • EOS
  • Flow by Dapper Labs
  • polka dots
  • Cosmos
  • Open Sea
  • WAX

Well, each of these block chains has provisions ranging from transaction models, digital wallets to their respective marketplaces that they manage, although they still use special currencies to process transactions but can still be converted into crypto to rupiah depending on the conversion value of each. block chains.

If you create one, in Open Sea, for example, the conversion value base is euthereum and you can only sell your digital assets on platforms that support or collaborate with Open Sea, as well as the provisions that apply to other types of block chains.

Ethereum itself is an ecosystem for the most dominant platform today, so you need to create a digital wallet (e-wallet) that supports ethereum for example: Meta Mask and Trust Wallet, after that you can start selling your digital works personally on a blockchain-based blockchain. this ethereum.

After successfully creating it, the next step is to connect your digital wallet to upload various collections of digital works on various special platforms to be converted into NFT, here are the platforms:

Choose from these three platforms, or you can create an account on these three platforms by first registering and uploading digital works on these platforms. Example of creating an account on the open sea platform:

  • Open the Open Sea site then select Create. Previously you had to connect your e-wallet with this platform.
  • After successfully connecting the e-wallet, the next step is to create an NFT or you can also connect your existing NFT account.
  • Fill in the collection name, description and upload digital works
  • Finally, select the block chain you want to use, for example, ethereum
  • When finished, click Create and sign your e-wallet to validate the creation of NFT.

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