Get to know the cause of the car not wanting to start, which often happens


Driving a vehicle such as a car does provide comfort for the driver and passengers. Vehicles such as cars also require proper maintenance so that there are no obstacles to using the vehicle. The problem that is often found is a car that does not start because it cannot be started. The following is a complete list of some of the most common causes of a car not starting to start and the solutions.

1. Battery that is already exhausted

Components such as the battery in a car are quite influential. If the battery has a problem, the car will not start even though it has been started many times. This can be caused because the water in the battery has run out or this component has worn out so it needs to be replaced with a new one.

When the battery component has a problem, the cause must be known first. The battery components used for the car must have sufficient water at the proper level. The state of this component must also be checked whether the voltage part is experiencing problems or not.

2. Spark plugs full of dust

Car owners should understand components such as spark plugs because these components can be the cause of the car not starting so that the vehicle does not start. Usually if the spark plug already has dust that has accumulated or is outdated then this can be the cause of the vehicle’s problem. Spark plugs that are dirty and worn will usually block the electric current so the car can’t start.

Problems like this are very easy to solve by cleaning the spark plug components the right way. Spark plug parts can be cleaned on any surface by rubbing a cloth plus a special cleaning fluid. Also identify conditions that are worn or damaged so that they cannot be used. If these components are damaged and worn out then the thing that can help fix problems like this is to replace the spark plugs with new ones.

3. Dynamo Damage

As for what causes problems in cars that cannot be started, it is caused by damage to the car dynamo. The function of the dynamo itself is to help drain the electric voltage in the vehicle. Parts of the dynamo or alternator that are worn or damaged can interfere with the electric current so that the car cannot be started. Troubleshooting dynamo problems should be done carefully and if necessary use the help of a mechanic to fix the problem.

4. Fuel Pump Problem

Components such as the Fuel Pump usually have an influence on the fuel in vehicles such as cars. If there is a problem with this component so that it cannot deliver the flow of fuel then this can be the cause of the car not wanting to start. This problem can be detected by looking at the condition of the car. When the engine is hot but the car cannot be started, the fuel pump component can be the cause.

5. Broken Coil

Paying attention to the coil components is also something that needs to be done when the car is experiencing problems when starting. The high temperature of the coil components can make the car unable to start. The thing that needs to be done when experiencing problems caused by damage to the coil component is to replace this component with a new one. Use the help of experts when repairing car components if you are still new to the automotive field.

Those are some of the reasons car don’t want to in the most common starters and possible solutions. Problems like this can actually be avoided by taking care of the car you own in the right way so that the car can be used at any time without experiencing problems. Car maintenance must also be done regularly so that the owner of the vehicle can find problems and fix them so that the vehicle can be used comfortably.

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