Get to know watermarks and the 3 main functions of watermarks


The importance of protecting digital products and works, whether in the form of writings, paintings or photos uploaded on social media pages with watermarks, is because they are vulnerable to acts of piracy of works that are detrimental to the original owner of the work.

To protect these products, both physically and digitally, now many creators, both individuals, business actors and large companies, are embedding a watermark or watermark on every product uploaded on social media.

In addition, recently the function of watermarks is not only to protect works digital but also become part of the marketing strategy because it can be used as the most effective and efficient promotional media.

Literally, a watermark adapted from English, means a watermark and is generally found in a work, whether in writing, photos, or images as an affirmation of the ownership status of someone’s digital work.

The use of watermarks has now become part of the identity of a work whose placement is usually done in the corner of a digital work or even in the middle of a digital work, for example. Photo as original copyrighted works to avoid unilateral claims or even adapted without the permission of the owner of the digital work.

In the all-digital era where the flow of information is very easily accessed by anyone, there are also many people who take advantage of the convenience of technology to take or even use other people’s digital works for both personal and business interests.

In particular, the use of other people’s works without permission and not giving any royalties to the original owners of the digital works is clearly very detrimental, considering that the process of creating digital works in the form of photos, images and writings is carried out through a process that is not easy and requires time to express ideas. which is not a moment.

Therefore, the need for placing watermarks on digital works is very important to be used for various functions, including as a medium to earn income or to highlight the identity of the owner of the work.

This copyright sign is usually made explicitly or even displayed in a slightly vague form in a work so that it does not give a special effect or influence on the digital work to be displayed.

As a label or feature that points to the original owner of a digital work, there are at least three functions in the use of this copyright mark;

Promotion media

The use of watermarks on digital products is clearly very important, especially not only for the business sector, artists and photographers, because in watermarks there is a function as a medium to promote the ability to produce high quality products that are different from other products.

The placement of the watermark as a promotional medium is even placed in a very conspicuous position such as in the middle of the product or made expressly by including a special identity including the contact number of the product owner.

Currently, whether we realize it or not, giving watermarks to digital products has indirectly become part of the most effective marketing strategy. Because anyone who sees or accesses a digital product will definitely see the watermark in it.

Copyright Label

At first, giving watermarks on digital products served as a sign or copyright label of a work made by someone. The aim is to prevent and maintain the possibility of misuse of digital works by others so as to harm the owner of the digital work, both ethically and materially.

Currently, many irresponsible people act as they please by pirating other people’s works because they provide more benefits such as not having to bother creating works or avoiding the possibility of paying royalties.

As Identity

The function of the watermark as an identity is actually more like a promotional medium. Because, it emphasizes the expertise or ability of the owner of the work. However, the placement of the watermark as an identity specifically is to mark the characteristics of the creator of the digital work.

That way, connoisseurs or anyone who sees the digital work of his work will immediately know who the maker of the digital work is.

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