Here are 6 Easy Ways to Save Photos from Instagram

Through Instagram social media, users can see a variety of interesting and cool photos, so sometimes they take screenshots to save the photo. In fact, there are many ways to save photos from Instagram that can be done easily by using additional applications, online sites, and even via Instagram.

Users can apply it directly because the steps presented are very simple. Saving photos on Instagram does require a special way to be stored in the gallery. Here’s an easy way to save photos from Instagram:

1. Saved Photo Features

The first way to save photos from Instagram can be done via Instagram itself by using the Saved Photo feature. To do this, the user must press the Bookmark icon located in the lower right corner of the photo you want to save.

Next, the photo will be saved in the Collection gallery on the user’s Instagram Profile Tab. Then, if you want to open a saved photo, just press profile and press the Save Photo icon or you can also click Collections.

2. KeepPost site

KeepPost is a site that offers a service for saving photos from Instagram. The steps are very easy, users have to copy the url of the photo they want to download from Instagram. Next, press the three-dot icon in the top corner, then click copy link.

Furthermore, users can visit the KeepPost site via a browser. Then, copy the link into the column provided. Don’t forget, select the Download button. Then, download the photo by pressing Download Image. This site has the advantage over others that it can find out what type of Instagram content is downloaded.

3. Video Downloader for Instagram

How to save photos from Instagram can also be done easily through an application called Video Downloader for Instagram. To run an application measuring 9 MB is very simple. Users only need to press the share menu which is located behind the three dot symbol.

Next, the user will be shown many options, select this application symbol on the share menu. Later the video will be saved by itself in the Smartphone gallery. The download of this application has reached more than 10 million downloads.

4. FastSave

The application that allows users to save photos and videos from Instagram is the most popular application. The advantage of this application is that photos can be downloaded quickly, presenting photo views with Slideshows, and others. To run this application. Make sure the FastSave and Instagram apps are turned on.

First, go to Instagram and copy the url of the photo in Instagram. Then, the photo will automatically download. This application is only 4.6 MB in size, so it will not drain a lot of storage memory. The application downloads made by Photo and Video Applications have reached 50 million downloads.


This one site is indeed popular among Youtube video downloaders. However, this site also has a feature that allows users to save photos from Instagram. The steps are very simple not much different from other sites. First, copy the link of the photo you want to save.

Then, visit the site in a browser. Then, copy the link into the column provided, press Download. Wait until the next screen appears. Next, press the Download JPG button to save the photo. This site also provides a version of the application on the Play Store. Interested in downloading it?

6. Downloadgram site

Another site that allows users to save photos from Instagram is Downloadgram. First, the user has to open the Instagram app. Next, select the photo you want to download, then copy the link. Visit the site. Next, paste the link in the box provided. Then, don’t forget to click Download and Download image.

Those are 6 ways to save photos from Instagram that can be applied easily and simply. Users can choose the way without the application or take advantage of additional applications as desired. I hope this helps!

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