Here it is, 12 Steps to Transfer Gopay to Ovo


Many users think that Gopay to Ovo transfers cannot be done, this is because the two digital wallet applications are often called competing with each other, especially in online-based transportation services that are integrated directly through these two digital payment applications.

In fact, that’s not entirely true, because user two application this can even transfer gopay to ovo or vice versa.

As is known today wallet digital is not a foreign thing, especially by using digital wallets, both GoPay and Ovo in one device at once because the goal is to make it easier for users through the features available in both applications.

What’s more, these two applications often offer many promos that are more tempting than using cash. Therefore, many smartphone users tend to install these two digital wallet applications simultaneously on their smartphone devices in order to facilitate the transaction process, including ovo transfers to gopay, one of them.

Top up or refilling gopay balances to ovo through their respective accounts, through the gopay to ovo transfer process or vice versa indeed provides many advantages for users of these two types of applications.

In addition, with these two applications, users can also use them to shop with promos that provide many benefits from cashback and others.

Minimum Balance to Transfer Gopay to Ovo

From the Gopa application, they only apply a minimum balance to be able to transfer Rp. 10,000 only, so for those of you who want to make a transfer with a nominal that is not too large, this can be an alternative to interbank transfers using an ATM or internet banking, apart from the larger transfer fees because Gopay is only Rp. 2,500.

That way, the process or method of transferring Gopay to Ovo and how to top up a digital wallet through Gopay will provide a lot of easy access not only when you need funds suddenly or when you want to shop without having to worry about being constrained by the minimum amount of balance transfer that must be sent to your Ovo account.

How to Transfer Gopay to Ovo

How to transfer Gopay to Ovo you can do easily. You can also transfer Gopay digital balances to other digital wallets. However, to do that you need to upgrade your Gopay account first.

After completing the upgrade, you can start to transfer gopay to ovo, here are the steps:

  1. Open the Gojek application.
  2. Log in and make sure your Gopay has been registered as an active and verified user.
  3. Select the “More” or “other” menu and the “Withdraw” or “Withdraw” menu.
  4. Then select the “Add another bank” or “Add another bank” menu.
  5. Then enter the bank name Nationalnobu in the bank. Nationalnobu bank is Ovo. Next, fill in the identity according to the provided column, which includes:
  6. Name, according to your Ovo account name
  7. Account number, fill in your mobile number that has been registered with Ovo and add the number 9, for example 9085743228108. After filling in the account number, select the “Save” menu button.
  8. Then enter the nominal amount of funds you want to transfer to Ovo by selecting the account “Nationalnobu Bank or Nobu Bank”, then click “Withdraw” or “Withdraw”.
  9. Before confirming the funds to be transferred, please check all the data such as the name of the bank up to the nominal amount to be transferred.
  10. If the data is correct, select the “Confirm” menu.
  11. Enter your Gojek PIN to transfer to Ovo.
  12. After that, wait a while for the balance transfer process, later your Gopay balance will decrease which indicates the transferred funds have entered the destination Ovo.

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