Here’s How to Easily Verify YouTube Thumbnails

When watching YouTube videos, it is seen that the content uses various cover front which is the content of other content or images. That’s what’s called thumbnails in YouTube videos. Thumbnails itself can be created automatically by YouTube or custom if the account has been verified. For that, how to verify thumbnails YouTube is required for the customization to be approved by YouTube.

Why replace thumbnails Automatically from YouTube, do you have to verify your account first? This is because many creators use customization thumbnails not exactly like the picture thumbnails which does not match the video content. In order to replace thumbnails YouTube freely, YouTube account must be verified immediately with the steps below:

1. Unlock Channel YouTube account

Verify the account so that thumbnails verified, of course, must go through channel YouTube itself. For that, go to a search engine and open channel YouTube you want to verify. We recommend that this account verification be done using a PC or laptop. If the user is using a mobile phone, use browser Firefox to perform this step.

Write the YouTube site address in the search field so you can enter the profile menu. In the first stage, type the ID and password that corresponds to the channel used. If the ID and password are wrong, the user must try again and make sure there are no errors.

On the YouTube Web page that has been opened, do the next youtube thumbnail verification method. That is, please enter the profile menu by pressing iconit’s at the top right corner. This profile menu will display sub Other menus as needed.

Press menu “creator studio” and select the menu “channel” in the left bar of the user’s YouTube account. Then press on the menu “verify” indicating verification will be performed.

3. Get the Verification Code and Enter it

How to verify thumbnails YouTube will not be successful if the YouTube system does not provide the verification code. To get the code, the user must enter the country of residence in the column that appears. In addition, YouTube will give you a choice of how you want to go through to get the verification code. Users can choose to send the code via SMS or via phone by ticking one of them.

If you’ve selected a code submission method, wait for YouTube to contact the user to provide a verification code. Type the code that has been obtained in the dialog box on the page provided by YouTube. Make sure the code is correct then press “submit” and wait for the account to be verified.

4. Making Settings on Video Manager

After going through the three stages, it means that the account YouTube the user has been verified so that changes thumbnails YouTube can do. To make changes, do the next youtube thumbnail verification method, namely, press on the “menu”continue” and select the menu “video manager“. This menu contains videos that have been uploaded by users and have thumbnails automatically from YouTube. Choose a video to convert cover front or thumbnails-his.

5. Edit Thumbnails Auto with Custom

On the video that has been selected, press the edit menu at the bottom. Look for options”custom thumbnails” which is located in the drawing area thumbnails automatically from YouTube. The menu will bring up a window where the user can select an image to use thumbnails new. Wait until the upload process is complete and end it by pressing “save changes“.

That’s how to verify thumbnails YouTube through Facebook account verification thumbnails can be changed as desired. To make sure the process is correct, users can check the video that has been changed earlier and make sure thumbnailsit has been replaced. Verifying your account is the key to thumbnails can be replaced safely and easily. Don’t forget to use a stable network so that verification is not hampered.

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