Here’s How to Save 2 Million Salary For Stable Finance

Managing finances requires its own initiative and strategy. No matter how little salary you get, it is very important to set it aside in savings. Salary 2 million set aside for savings? Then, the rest is enough for what? The salary of 2 million must be managed properly in order to save and meet all needs. Here’s how to save 2 million salary properly so that your finances are always stable:

1. Apply the 50/30/20 Rule

The 50/30/20 rule is quite classic and can be applied to managing finances. How to save a salary of 2 million by following this rule is to separate the salary of 50%: 50%. A total of 50% of the 2 million salary can be used for daily basic needs.

The remaining 30% is used for sudden needs and wants, such as buying skincare, clothes, walks, and so on. Meanwhile, the remaining 20% ​​of the 2 million is used for savings. This savings can be used for the future, investments, or debt payments.

2. Using the 80/20 Budget Method

Almost the same as the 50/30/20 rule, but the 80/20 budget method is somewhat more flexible. The 80/20 method is better known as “pay yourself” or anti-budget. The way to use the 80/20 budget method is to put 20% of your 2 million salary in savings. Meanwhile, the rest can be spent according to a conditional wish.

The application of the 80/20 budget method can be said as a simple method to maintain financial stability. In this way, one can ensure that one has enough savings to get through difficult times. Someone will also be able to meet the needs urgent in the future.

3. Implementing a Direct Salary Deduction System

Method save The next 2 million salary is to directly deduct the salary earned to be allocated to savings. Do not use the 50/30/20 or 80/20 method to set aside for savings, but only the nominal amount of money that you want. A person is free to save his salary money in an inconsistent amount.

The first month’s salary can allocate 50% of money to savings, while the next month only 10% of salary is included in savings. This is perfectly legal to do, because considering one’s needs cannot be measured the same. The most important point is the consistency of saving that should not be missed after the payday arrives.

4. Saving Coins

A salary of 2 million is not enough to save and can only be used to fulfill daily needs? Make no mistake, because saving can be done as long as there is always a will. One can collect every dime earned from changing the purchase of goods.

Don’t ever waste pennies. Keep the change in a certain container or place. Also make sure the storage area is safe. If this method is done consistently, then in the next few weeks there will be a lot of coins collected.

5. Participate in the Time Savings Program at the Bank

The next way to save 2 million salary is to try to join a term savings program at the bank. This time deposit has terms of time that must be agreed upon by the customer. The term savings program at the bank has a tenor of 1-20 years. This way of saving is useful to meet the planned target of future needs.

Term savings usually have facilities in the form of life insurance protection. If one day the customer dies, the monthly deposit can be forwarded by the insurance company. In other words, this term savings can be inherited savings later. In fact, this method of saving is fairly safe and has nothing to lose.

Those are some ways to save 2 million salary that you can do to keep your finances stable in the long term. Even though the salary is minimal, saving must be done to survive from now on and in the future. May be useful.

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