Here’s How to Turn Off Touchscreen Input on Android Phones


Currently, many parents distract their children by using Android phones. Because, most children who don’t understand will like to press the cellphone screen randomly. To prevent children from pressing important things on the cellphone, parents must turn off input Touchscreen his. Here’s how to turn off Touchscreen input on Android phones:

1. Download the Touch Lock App – Screen Lock

The first way to turn off touchscreen input, the user must download an application called Touch Lock – Screen Lock. This app can be found on the Play Store. Just open the Play Store, then type Touch Lock – Screen Lock in the search box after that press search. Once found, press the install option and then wait until the application is installed on the cellphone.

2. Start Run Application

Next the user can start running the application, to turn off the input Touchscreen Android phone. Open the application, then the user will get a notification on the screen of his cellphone. The notification will always be there, as long as the application is still installed or running in the background. So users can make settings from the main screen, without the need to open the application.

3. Turn Off Android Touchscreen Input Automatically

For how to turn off Touchscreen Input next, the user must first select the application. Not just one, but users can turn off Touchscreen Input multiple applications at once. After selecting the application, automatically Touchscreen Input the application will die. So the user will not be able to exit the application.

It is very suitable for children who like to be curious and try to open other applications. So for example a user selects the Youtube application, then the user’s child will not be able to exit the application.

4. Turn off Android Touchscreen Input Manually

Not only automatically, but users can also turn off Touchscreen Input Manually. The trick is to select the application to be disabled, then press the option TouchLock Off. Touchscreen Input the application will die, and can not be played.

5. Unlock Touchscreen Input with Fingerprint or Pattern

Surely the user will not turn off Touchscreen Input the app is forever, then how to activate it? To activate it, users can use the fingerprint feature or Pattern. This feature will be set by the user within the application, before Touchscreen Input disabled.

User can create Pattern or pattern, as he wishes. If you don’t want to use Pattern, then users can use fingerprints, so it’s more practical. How to turn off the touchscreen input at this stage is very easy to understand, right?

6. Other Benefits of the Touch Lock Application – Screen Lock

Not only disable Input Touchscreen, but this app can also perform some other advanced features. This advanced feature is to turn off the screen, with just one touch. Then to activate it again, just press it twice. So more practical, without the need to press the power button.

Another advantage is that you can turn off the button Home, and the two buttons beside it. The three buttons are often pressed, and finally make the application that is being played out. The way to turn off the button is to slide the notification bar, then press the icon in the middle. After pressing the icon, automatically the button Home and the other two buttons will disappear.

Then to restore it, just press the same icon. Very easy isn’t it? So users will not exit the application suddenly, because they press the button Home that. Children also will not be able to exit an application, if these three buttons are turned off.

That’s how to turn off Android HP Touchscreen Input. With this application, users don’t have to worry when children hold cellphones. Because children will not be able to exit or press other applications.

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