Hoax News and Terms of Cash Social Assistance Phase 3 for SMEs

The pandemic situation caused several families to be severely affected and even lost their source of income due to layoffs. Therefore, the Ministry of Social Affairs or the Ministry of Social Affairs has released cash social assistance which has been running since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic until now. In stage 3 of the MSME cash social assistance, several families complained that they were not registered as recipients of assistance, resulting in various complaints.

Actually there are several types of social assistance that are presented by the Ministry of Social Affairs in accordance with the conditions and descriptions of the beneficiary families. At each stage, the Ministry of Social Affairs will conduct a review of the aid list so that it can reach other families. There are a few things that need to be considered to get stage 3 cash social assistance specifically for MSMEs as follows:

Requirements to Get MSME Social Assistance

Before receiving cash social assistance for MSMEs stage 3, there are certain conditions that must be carried out so that the assistance can be disbursed. Generally, each aid has certain characteristics because not all families will get it. The requirements for obtaining stage 3 MSME social assistance, which are summarized in this one explanation, include:

1. Check for Social Aid Recipients at Link Official

The first step is to check whether the family name is registered as a recipient of MSME assistance of 1.2 million rupiah. Checks can be done on the official website of the BRI electronic form, namely and then search by ID number. Then process inquiry to continue the search process in the beneficiary list.

2. Re-apply as a MSME Assistance Recipient

An alternative way that can be done if the business actor or MSME owner is not registered and feels he needs help is to make a submission. There are several documents needed before registering, namely KK, NIK, address, line of business, telephone number, and address. Then submit it to the form that is presented after each disbursement stage.

3. Bring the Required Documents

After confirming that it is registered in link that has been given previously, for the search process requires several complete documents. The first is a copy of the latest family card and personal data such as a valid ID card. Then the proof of the beneficiaries, namely a copy of the name from the list of recipients of the MSME social fund assistance and the disbursement order number in the BRI form.

Plus a statement of absolute responsibility, statement and power of attorney for the recipient of aid funds, and an account ownership form in the registered name. The last document that must be prepared is proof of the MSME ownership statement. Each of the documents mentioned must be brought so that the third stage of MSME social assistance funds can be disbursed and received.

Beware of Many Fake News Spreading

The information circulating is not all genuine because there are some news Hoax which is spread by using social media. In stage 3 cash social assistance there are at least more than five big news that become viral. For example, every owner of an electronic ID card will get assistance of 3.5 million without any conditions and applies in general.

Then there was also news that family cards with visually impaired members would not get help because they were blocked. Then there was news stating that all existing social assistance was actually presented by the DIY government. The full explanation of the information is Hoax and the best way to counter information Hoax is to follow the source from the official website.

Help appears social The stage 3 MSME cash flow which is already quite organized creates a sense of security and comfort for the organizers and recipients. On the other hand, although there are many stories behind receiving social assistance, the beneficiary’s families can be helped. In addition, this is one of the steps to keep Indonesia from falling economically due to the pandemic.

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