How Does the Money-Making Application Work?


Lately, the trend of money-making applications is on the rise, on YouTube itself, every time there is content about money-making applications, there are always lots of views.

So, do you know how the working system of this money-making application works?

If you don’t know, you can read this article to the end, because recitationnews will provide an overview of the working system of the money-making application.

Ad Revenue Sharing System

Most of the money-making applications pay their members from Google ads, or third parties. They can get income from the ads that we watch every day in the application. This is very often found in similar applications.

Vendor Personal Fund

Apart from advertising revenue, applications that pay their users can also have funds from their own savings, or it could be from their investors.

Must Invite Friends To Join

The next most often found is that the money-making application will pay its members if they manage to invite new friends to join their application.

Now after successfully inviting new friends, the member can get a bonus from inviting friends.

Minimum Withdraw or Withdraw

To withdraw money from the application, there is usually a minimum, for example IDR 10,000 or even a minimum of IDR 200,000.

But usually the most crowded ones are applications that have a small minimum withdrawal, such as Tiktok, Snack Video, and Neo+.

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Well, that’s an overview of how the money-making application works, I hope you can imagine it.


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