How Easy! 2 Ways to Withdraw Shopee Seller Balance That Store Owners Must Know!


Because the shopee application is now increasingly recognized by the people of Indonesia, it attracts shops to sell online. However, it turns out that there are still many who don’t know how to withdraw the balance of this shopee seller.

Therefore, on this occasion, we will discuss how to withdraw shopee seller balance? If you are curious, then take a look at the reviews in the following article.

How to Withdraw Shopee Seller Balance?

shopee seller balance

Because many are asking about how to withdraw the balance of this shopee seller, we have summarized some of the tips as follows:

1. How to Withdraw Shopee Seller Balance

shopee seller balance

  • Open the Shopee application on your cellphone
  • Before making a seller balance withdrawal, make sure you’ve added your bank account. To check it, you can go to the settings/settings page.
  • Then, select a bank account.
  • After that, you can see the registered bank account.
  • If your bank account has been registered, you can go directly to the sales balance page. Click “my shop” on my menu.
  • Next, click the “Seller’s Balance” option.
  • You will see your earnings in Shopee which can be withdrawn to a bank account.
  • Then, click “Withdrawal Funds” to withdraw the balance to the bank account.
  • After that, you will be asked to fill in the withdrawal amount. You can withdraw all or part of your balance.
  • Then, click “Next”
  • Next, enter the pin.
  • The seller’s balance will enter your bank account no later than 1 × 24 hours. Check the transaction history on your bank account.

2. How to Withdraw Seller’s Balance Through Shopee Seller Center

shopee seller balance

  • Type Sell.Shopee in the search field of your PC browser.
  • Once the Shopee Seller Center page opens, find the Finance Department in the left column and click the “Balance” option.
  • Then, you will see your sales balance along with the registered accounts on the right.
  • Next, click “Drag Funds” to make a disbursement.
  • Enter the balance amount you want to draw and click “Continue”.

Conclusion and Closing!

Well, that’s a complete explanation regarding how to withdraw this shopee seller’s balance, it’s quite easy isn’t it.

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