How Easy! 4 Ways to Use Modded Games that You Must Try Yourself!


Playing games is a common activity and we often do nowadays, because it can be healing for ourselves when we are tired suddenly attack or we are tired at work. However, if you are tired of playing games with only those features, then you can try using modded games.

In these modded games, you can use premium features or more often we are familiar with paid features. So if you play it, you don’t need to spend a penny to get these premium features.

But how to use these modded games? If you are curious, then take a look at the reviews in the following article.

How To Use These Modded Games?

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For those of you who want to play games with these modded games, then you have to read this article to the end. Because we, will give some tips to use it. Check out the following explanation.

1. Find Game Cheat Mod Game First

First of all you have to find the first mod file of the game you are referring to. This mod file will be in the form of an APK and mods can be found on Google by typing the keyword “* Game Name * MOD APK”. After finding the game you want to cheat now, please download the game.

2. Install the Downloaded File Earlier

If you are now looking for the game file that you downloaded earlier, after that now try to install the downloaded file. It’s been like that, but if the files you installed earlier can’t be sure that the original version of the game on your Android phone has been deleted. So to be able to use the game cheat mod on this original android game, it must be removed first.

3. Install OBB Files Also (If Any)

In addition, there are also games that require OBB data so that the game can be played. For example, I want to use the game vs Zombie Mod Vs cheat and the Soccer League MOD Dream Game Cheat. So when I download the APK file I also have to download the OBB file. Because without this OBB file, the game will not be able to play.

But sometimes we don’t need the app because usually in Android phone file manager, we have supported extract files like this. So, if your phone supports extract feature then you can simply extract the OBB file.

4. Move OBB File

After that, just move the folder from extracted files to internal /Android/OBB/ here. So first you move the folder then go to your internal memory, keep looking for the folder Android then click. If later in the folder there is a folder called OBB, you click on this folder and move the files here.

Conclusion and Closing!

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Well, that’s a complete explanation regarding how to use these modded games, how easy is it, isn’t it. So practice it yourself.

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