How Google Adsense Works on Youtube


Google Adsense is a an advertising platform that youtubers usually use to make money through their youtube channel. Of course, to make money from youtube adsense is not as easy as we think.

There are many conditions that we must meet in order to apply for Google Adsense registration, and even then there is no guarantee of acceptance.

In addition, when we have been accepted as a Google Adsense partner, we cannot immediately get a regular salary every month, but must collect a minimum balance.

What is the minimum Adsense balance so I can get paid?

Well maybe this is a question for all of us, in this article recitationnews will reveal all about Google Adsense, from the registration requirements to the minimum salary.

Terms of Registering Google Adsense on Youtube

To register a YouTube channel on Google Adsense, there are at least 2 main requirements that must be met, namely having at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 public broadcast hours.

But other than that, the channel that will be submitted by google adsense must never violate the adsense and youtube policies, such as copyright infringement.

Now after these 3 conditions are met you will get an email from YouTube and you can immediately register your YouTube channel to Google Adsense.

The approved process varies, it can be less than 24 hours, or even days, depending on luck hehe.

Payment from Google Adsense

For payments from Google Adsense, we are required to have a minimum balance of $100 or the equivalent of 1,300,000 in our Adsense account. After reaching the minimum we will get paid every month on the 21-25/month.

But before that we are required to verify the account first, such as verifying the payment address and payment account.

Usually after the adsense balance reaches $ 10 Google asks us to verify the billing address, just follow the steps.

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The more views, the higher income

That’s right, if you want to increase your adsense income, you have to increase the number of your YouTube viewers, because for every 1000 views you will get extra money. In addition, every time someone clicks on an ad on your YouTube, you will get another bonus.

And everything is accumulated automatically on your Google Adsense dashboard.


Actually, if we are consistent in creating content on YouTube, especially discussing specific topics, it will be easier to get traffic and subscribers.

In addition, discussing specific topics will increase your income on Google Adsense.

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