How to Apply for Study Abroad


Each country has special terms and conditions for students who want to continue their studies to university level. So before deciding to study abroad, it’s a good idea to carefully consider the country, university and what major you will take when you want to apply to study abroad.

Some students even continue their studies abroad simply because for the sake of prestige as a result, in addition to studies that are not completed or even fall apart, studying abroad is actually a waste of money.

Therefore, it’s better if you already have various special preparations for studying abroad, consider carefully, your intentions, goals and motivations before deciding to register. study abroad.

How to Apply for Study Abroad

After convincing your intention and motivation to the reasons for continuing or registering to study abroad, then the next thing you need to do is make a number of preparations for public colleges, such as the following:

Determining Study Program

Determining the type or study program you want to choose when registering to study abroad is the most important thing, because you will be choosing this study program for the next few years.

Therefore, make sure you already have a choice of courses to take. The trick, can be done based on your interest in the major or you can also consider majors based on future job opportunities that are more promising for a better life or choose a major that is tailored to the breadth of job opportunities at the global level.

When you have a choice of study programs, you can easily choose the campus that you think is ideal or has a high level of competence, especially in the major you choose. Choose a university by considering several factors such as easy access to transportation, cheap living costs to being friendly to students coming from other countries.

Check University Requirements

As already mentioned, ensuring the various requirements made by University starting from the registration schedule, the requirements and documents that must be prepared to ensuring the time of registration is also no less important when deciding to register for study abroad.

It’s not impossible, the university you are going to continue your studies in turns out to be no longer accepting students just because of trivial factors such as delays in information. Therefore, ensuring the time of registration is also important as one of the preparations for studying abroad.

Make a Motivation Letter

A letter of motivation is the same as your application letter for admission to the university of your choice. This motivation letter generally contains information about your skills, expertise and abilities, especially in the major you want to go to.

Seriously convey that you are very interested in studying at the university by using structured and neat English so that it is easier to understand so that your chances of being accepted to study at the university are also greater.

Preparing to Take the IELTS Test

The IELTS test or International English Language Testing System is a test based on speaking, listening, reading, and writing that fully uses English which has been recognized internationally, especially for education and for employment.

Try to really study and understand how to take the IELTS test, this is important because this test becomes the standard for you whether or not it is appropriate to live abroad and socialize with the international community.

Those are some important ways that you can do to be able to study abroad. Remember that, by convincing yourself to study abroad, it means that you are also ready to compete, especially in terms of studies to compete with many students from various countries in the world who study at the same university as you, besides that being diligent in studying is also an indicator of success. in achieving success in education abroad. (mz)

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