How to Become a Credit Agent and Small Capital Electricity Token


Right now, being a credit and quota agent Internet is one of online business promising in Indonesia.

Many people choose to be a credit agent as a business choice, be it students, students, housewives or side jobs.

The reason for the popularity of pulse and token agents is because they can be done with little capital. Actually, to become a credit agent, you don’t need to spend capital, it’s just that capital is needed to sell products that buyers need.

In addition, the credit agent business has almost no risk of loss and the product sold does not have an expiration date. The equipment needed is not adventurous, only with a smartphone we can become a credit agent.

However, behind the small capital, the benefits of each transaction obtained from selling pulses are not so large.

Usually it ranges between 500 – 2000 rupiah for pulses. As for bills, tokens, game vouchers and others, it ranges from 3000 – 5000 rupiah.

Therefore, credit agents are usually only considered as a side job.

Advantages of Being a Credit Agent

Here are some of the advantages that you can get when you decide to do Credit Agent business.

It’s not complicated and doesn’t take a lot of energy

Being a credit agent is not complicated, you just need to wait for the buyer to come and then serve him well. In addition, you don’t need to spend a lot of energy because the way it works is just waiting for orders and serving them using a cellphone.

Free Registration

One of the advantages and reasons why you should become a credit agent is because it is free. Besides being free, registering to become a credit agent is also not complicated. No need to use ID card or other identity card.

Very Small Capital

To start being a credit agent, there is no minimum top up required. With the smallest possible capital, the benefits you will get are clearly visible. However, the more capital you have, the more profit you will get.

If you don’t have the capital to start a credit agent business, you can still live dropshipping business. Because being a dropshipper doesn’t require any capital, so anyone can do it.

Minimal Risk

Nowadays, credit has become a necessity for many people, because almost everyone has a cellphone. So there is no need to think that buyers will be lonely, because credit has become the main need for many people. In addition, credit does not have an expiration date like food. If it doesn’t sell today, it can still be sold tomorrow.

Broad Marketing Target

As I said before, almost everyone has a cellphone and credit has become the main need for many people.

That way it can be said that your pulse marketing target is very broad, from children to adults can buy credit from you.

No need to open

Maybe you often see credit counters on the roadside, but actually to become a credit agent you don’t need to open a stall like that.

It is enough to have many acquaintances who have cellphones, you can also sell credit to people around you.

Can Sell Other Products

Not only credit, if you become a credit agent, you can sell many products. Starting from quotas, electricity tokens, game vouchers, paying bills and much more. This will make the target marketing wider.

Suitable For Side Jobs

With the obvious advantages of only needing to work on an order, this is perfect for a side job.

To do the order is not complicated, you only need to open the cellphone and make a purchase of the product that the buyer wants.

Can Open Downlines

Downlines are people who register to be credit agents through you. you will benefit every time your downline makes a transaction.

This can also mean that someone else wants to do business / sell credit, he buys the balance through you, later you will get income from the transaction

How to register to become a credit and token agent

Looking for a Trusted Server

First, look for a credit server that you can use to sell credit. Don’t just look for a cheap server, make sure the server to be used is trusted and has a reputation.

There are many credit servers that you can use, for example Paytren and Payfazz. After that, register by filling out the form provided.

Making a Deposit

After successful registration, the next thing to do to sell is a deposit. Most credit servers can only make deposits via transfer, but many can also use e-currencies such as paypal and perfect money.

Credit Agent Marketing

There are many ways to do marketing, including:

  • Open a kiosk or pulse counter
  • Offer credit to family, neighbors and friends
  • Create a website that sells credit (additional fees for hosting and domain services)

If you just want to make a credit agent as a side job, word of mouth promotion is good enough.

But if you want to take it more seriously, you can open a credit counter or a website that provides credit sales.

So that’s how to become an agent of credit and electricity tokens with a small capital, hopefully it will be useful.

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