How to Change Whatsapp Theme Without Application, 100% Successful


WhatsApp themes are often boring for users so they must be replaced regularly. How to change the WhatsApp theme without this application can be done simply and uncomplicated. For some people, they may not know how to replace it, so they still feel confused.

How to Change the Whatsapp Theme Without the Simplest Application

Changing the WhatsApp theme does not have any restrictions so it can be changed at any time. The thing to note when changing the WhatsApp theme is to do it in an orderly manner and don’t miss a single method. Here will be presented how in detail:

  • Initially, the user must first open the WhatsApp application which is on the Home screen. The app is green and contains a picture of a phone.
  • The main view of WhatsApp is a list of messages that are lined down. Users who want to change the theme should focus on the three dots vertically. The position of the three dots is at the top right.
  • Click the three dots and look for the Settings menu which is in fifth or lowest order
  • Once clicked, the user will be presented with a profile photo and WA account name at the very top. The way to change the WhatsApp theme without an application is to click Chats.
  • In the Display section, there are two options, namely Theme and Wallpaper. Users who want to change the look or theme of WA can click Wallpaper.
  • Next, please click Change. There are several choices of wallpaper themes that you can choose according to taste. There are choices that come from the system and those from the gallery.
  • For users who are bored with the appearance of the theme from the system, then they can choose My Photos
  • Later users will be directed to a gallery with lots of photos available. Choose the best photo to add to the mood when you’re chatwith other people.
  • Finally, don’t forget to click Set Wallpaper so that the photo can be installed for real
  • Repeat this method if you want to change the theme with another photo.

WhatsApp Interesting Features

Not only can you change the WA theme with many choices, users can also get other interesting features. Of course, these features cannot be separated from the creative hands of the developers. For those who want to see the interesting features, make sure you have updated the application WA first. Here are some interesting features that are a pity to miss:

1. Archive Feature

This is a useful feature to hide a chat without having to delete the contact first. This feature has been around for a long time, but has been developed again so that the archived chat will not be notified when the person sends a message. Of course this feature is very useful to avoid other people.

2. One View Photos and Videos

This feature, which is still relatively new, is very indulgent for its users because it can manage photos or videos only once. This causes photos or videos that have been seen by the recipient to just disappear. Users who want to take advantage of this feature must click the number one to the right of the chat column when the photo is sent.

In fact, it’s very easy to do how to change the WhatsApp theme without the application that has been described. WA loyal users must be familiar with this method and can immediately practice it. Do not be in a hurry in doing this method so that no part is missed. Good luck trying it.

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