How to clear cache on a Samsung cellphone at once, very easy


The existence of cached data can indeed be very useful to speed up the running of the application. However, in some smartphone brands such as Samsung. The presence of excessive cache data will actually burden the smartphone. There is a way to quickly clear the cache on a Samsung cellphone.

This method allows users to clear cached data on each system and application at once. So, there is no need for users to open apps one by one to clear cache. However, it can still be done that way.

Cache can be said as secondary data, this cache storage aims to improve the process when opening applications again. However, there are times when the cache must be cleared, here is a review of how.

Access to clear cache data on Samsung smartphones is in the settings menu. The Settings menu or Settings can be accessed directly through the main menu display. Smartphone owners can also access it via the slide tab.

In the settings menu or settings, the owner will find various sub menus related to the system on the smartphone. Including storage settings.

Samsung has provided a menu for regular smartphone maintenance in the Settings menu or this Settings. The name of the menu is Device Care, cache deletion is also included in regular smartphone maintenance. Therefore, users can access the cache clearing feature on this menu as well.

3. Open Storage Maintenance Options

The next way to clear the cache on a Samsung cellphone is to open the storage treatment option on the Device Care menu. In the Device Care menu, the maintenance settings are not only limited to cache deletion.

There are various other treatment menus that smartphone owners can take advantage of. However, for cache deletion. Because it affects smartphone storage. Then the selected maintenance settings related to storage are Storage.

4. Pressing the Clean Now Button

After opening the Storage maintenance option, the user will immediately see the ‘Clean Now’ button. At the top of the button there will be details of how much smartphone memory has been used for cache storage on the smartphone. All those details include every activity and cached data of all the apps stored and used in Samsung smartphones.

So, users don’t need to sort through anymore and can immediately clear the cache of each application at once by simply pressing the ‘Clean Now’ button. A circle icon will appear indicating the user’s cache deletion process. Wait until the process is declared complete and a notification will be displayed that the memory has been freed.

5. Check Smartphone Memory Capacity

Deleting cached data will automatically provide additional space on the smartphone memory. To make sure the deletion process was successful. Samsung smartphone owners can check the memory capacity of the smartphone. Therefore, it is recommended for Samsung smartphone owners to check first.

If there is no change or the changes are not in accordance with the previous process. The deletion process can be repeated once again, or maybe the user can reset the smartphone first. Before doing cache wiping again. The amount of memory available before the deletion is performed. If indeed the free memory increases the space. This means that the cache data deletion has been successfully carried out.

That’s how to clear cache in mobile phone Samsung simultaneously for all applications on smartphones. With the device care feature of Samsung smartphones, users no longer need to open applications one by one to clear cached data.

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