How to Create a Google Account on HP and Laptop

Google Accounts provide tremendous benefits to life. Many things can be done with the help of Google. Here’s a review of Google to how to create a Google account.

Getting to Know About Google Accounts

The Google account is the master for logged in users to Google. A Google account consists of an email and a password that the user must always remember.

Google Accounts have a wide range of benefits on both smartphones and computers. With a Google account you can save contacts, create social media accounts, and receive and send messages.

A Google account can also be used to watch videos on Youtube, download various applications and games, and many other benefits.

Choice of Google Account Type

Google Accounts can be used for personal as well as for managing a business. Before signing up for Google, we recommend that you determine what type of Google account to choose.

If you create a Google account with the goal of managing your business, you can enable business personalization to help manage it.

How to create a Google Account Via Mobile

How to create a Google account on both Android and OS foam is done by opening the settings menu then opening the account menu and selecting add account. After that, you can select the Google icon so that a login option will appear and create a new account.

The next step is to select create a new account, then fill in all the data such as first name, last name, date of birth, and gender. Then, select your username and password. Follow all the steps provided by Google until your Google account is ready to use.

How to Create a Google Account Through a Computer

How to create a Google account on a computer is done by logging in to the website in the browser, then click create new account. Complete your personal data such as first name, last name, username and password.

After all the data is filled in, click next, then fill in the date of birth, gender, and mobile number (optional). Then, click Next Step, a requirement box will appear. Click I Agree and you already have a new Google account.

How to create a Google account is very easy, right? If you are curious about its application, just try it!

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