How to display the number of views on a WordPress article


How to display the number of views on an article WordPress – Adding a feature to display the number of views on wordpress articles is very useful.

In addition to making it easier for us as website owners to monitor traffic developments, it also provides a different experience for visitors.

For example, I’ve been to someone else’s website, and seeing the number of views on the article, especially when it’s red, makes me even more sure that the article is of high quality.

Well maybe you also want to make your website like that, to lure visitors to stay longer on your website.

Ok this time News Reference will provide a short tutorial to display the number of views on wordpress articles.

Remember it’s wordpress only.

How to display the number of views in a WordPress article

1. Installing the Plugin

  • First, please install the plugin first Post View Counter by Digital Factory.
  • Then activate the plugin as usual.
  • Then go to the settings page, and do the settings as shown below:

post view wp

Make settings like this in the General

post view wp2

Last do save changesthen look at your article section, make sure the total view appears on the page single.php You.

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Advantages of Installing Number of Views on WordPress Articles

There are advantages that we will get when installing this kind of plugin, one of which is that we know the number of impressions from the article.

Second, visitors also know how many people visit our website. So maybe there are those who are interested in placing ads on our website.

Third, the website will look more elegant because there is a feature to display this total impression.


Actually there are many plugins that we can use to display the number of article views on a wordpress website. But the Post View Counter by Digital Factory plugin is enough to make this feature on our website.

In closing this article, I thank you for visiting and I hope it can be useful for all of you.

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