How to Find Sponsors to Study Abroad


Studying abroad does promise many advantages because the educational standards developed by developed countries are generally much more modern.

In addition, of course by studying at overseas certainly guarantees the future, especially in terms of ease of finding work for graduates from overseas universities, especially if they come from world-renowned universities.

However, the problem is, studying abroad costs a lot of money. Therefore, many are competing to find and get special scholarships to be able to study abroad because the tuition fees offered are much lighter and guaranteed.

But don’t worry, for those of you who want to study abroad but don’t have enough finances to prepare for studying abroad, You can take advantage of other ways to get educational assistance, one of which is through sponsors.

However, finding a sponsor who will fully finance your education while you are abroad is definitely not easy, because the donor, in this case a company or official government agency, will make a very strict selection to determine whether or not you are eligible to receive tuition fees.

Especially for companies or private parties, sponsoring education costs for students who want to study abroad generally leads to investment in human resources, so that students who have graduated from foreign universities can be directly appointed as employees at the company.

There are a number of ways that can be done to get sponsorship for studying abroad, especially to third parties to guarantee the cost of education to living expenses while studying abroad, here are some tips:

Looking for Potential Companies and According to Majors

The first thing that can be done in looking for sponsors as preparation for college is to look for potential companies that are worthy of being used as college sponsors. Try to choose a company that matches the major you chose while studying abroad.

For example, you are taking a course in tourism, then look for companies engaged in the tourism sector. Look for as many companies engaged in tourism as possible so that your chances of getting an education sponsor are also greater.

In addition, with a sponsoring company that is in accordance with your college major, it also provides future opportunities, especially in terms of the potential to get a job at the company that sponsors your education.

Meanwhile, from the company side, being a sponsor for prospective students who are considered potential is also a form of investment in human resources for the company. Especially if the sponsored students are graduates from well-known universities abroad.

Make Interesting Proposals

Remember, you are looking for an institution that will cover your tuition fees as well as your living expenses while studying abroad. Therefore, make the sponsorship proposal as attractive as possible, even if necessary you can also describe the outputs or things that may benefit the company by sponsoring your education.

Explain in detail your goal studying abroad and what is the target you want to achieve by studying abroad, considering that a company is a private institution that is entirely for profit, therefore they will certainly weigh the pros and cons if they become your sponsor.

Ask Schools or Government Institutions for Help as Reference

Companies and official agencies will more quickly realize the submission of an education sponsorship proposal if there is a reference in the submission from an official school or government institution as proof that you are eligible to get sponsored tuition fees abroad.

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