How to Fix Unreadable Hard Drive Practically


Hard drives that are not detected and cannot be read must be inconvenient for computer owners who store their data on the hard drive. Especially if the stored data doesn’t exist backup-his. So, to overcome this, it is necessary to know how to fix an unreadable hard drive in several easy ways. Below are practical ways that can be done to repair the hard drive:

1. Reinstalling Driver

The first way out as a way to fix an unreadable hard drive is to reinstall the computer drivers. User can click button startfollowed by computer click, click mouse right and select propertiesfollowed by clicking “device manager” followed by “check USB cable” Look for a yellow exclamation mark with the words USB Attached SCSI – (UAS) – mass storage device.

When the text is found, right click on the text “device” then click Device Updates followed by Update Driver Software followed browse My Computer for Software Drivers. Then, click Let mr pick from a list from equipment drivers on my computer.

Check list only on “USB Attached SCSI” in the option “Show compatible hardware After that select Next and install. Wait until the reinstallation process is complete. After the installation process is complete, unplug the external hard drive and restart computer before reconnecting with the external hard drive.

2. Doing a Check Disk

To do this the user must connect hard disk internal on drive external hard drive on a working computer. After connecting, a notification will appear to format, click NO. Do not click YES, because if you click YES, all data stored on the hard drive will be erased and lost. After that click the “Start” button and select My Computer.

Then the hard drive will appear to be checked, right click, select properties, followed by clicking “tools”. After exiting the Windows page, click the tab Toolsthen select Check Now under Check Error. This check aims to check for errors on the hard drive.

Checklist Windows pop-up which contains the question Windows is allowed to fix the error or not. thick option Scan for and try to fix bad sectors, then click Start. If Windows tells you that the hard drive is unreadable and must be formatted, click NO.

3. Using Command Prompt

use command prompt as a way to fix an unreadable hard drive. The steps are click Start, followed by Run CMD, type the name drive which was damaged. Wait until command prompt exit, type the name of the damaged hard drive, for example the damaged hard drive is on drive D, then type D: followed by Enter.

If the hard drive is damaged, a notification will appear that says “System Cannot Find Specified Drive”. Type “chkdsk” in command prompt. Wait until the detection process error completed, which usually takes a long time depending on the amount of data stored on the hard drive. If there error, Windows will immediately offer the option to perform the repair. Click Yes to fix it.

4. Using Spinrite Software

The next way to fix an internal unreadable hard drive is to use the help of alias software software, one of which was named Spinrite. The use of Spinrite is done with the following steps: download and then install first apps Spinrite, then select Create ISO or Image File once installed. It should be noted that this menu is only for users who use a CD to repair hard disk damage.

Previously, prepare a CD first: burn a CD (can use Nero), select Install Spinrite on Drive, after that click install Bootable Spinrite and wait until the process is complete. Restart computer, enter the BIOS by pressing the Delete key then select Boot Deces and then adjust it to the tool used earlier (CD). After that return to the boot process, followed by Exit Bios and save by clicking the F10 button and then clicking yes to save.

5. Doing Low Level Format

Another method as a way to repair an unreadable hard drive is to use low level format which is a process of formatting to clean the hard drive data until it is clean there is nothing left. Here all saved files will be lost all.

Low Level Format can be used using the HDD Low Level Format tool with these steps: download appsopen appsselect the external hard drive in the list and click continue to start formatting.

Those are some ways to fix an unreadable hard drive that can be done with several steps. Take care to secure the data on the hard disk. Hopefully with the steps above the hard drive can be read again.

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