How to Get a Scholarship to Study in South Korea and the 8 Requirements


Studying in South Korea is the dream of every teenager. In addition to the much better quality of education in developed countries, studying abroad also guarantees the future, especially in terms of wider job opportunities.

South Korea is indeed a dream country to continue studying at the university level, one way is to get a scholarship to study in South Korea which has been a mecca for K-Pop fans to become college student in the country of South Korea.

Currently, many institutions education as well as government agencies that open opportunities for Indonesia’s young generation as preparation for college, including being able to continue studying in South Korea through scholarships because of course if you only rely on your own costs, of course you need very large capital not only for the cost of education but also the cost of living while studying there.

With scholarships, prospective students will get many benefits while studying in the Ginseng Country, apart from being able to earn a bachelor’s degree at a quality campus, of course, being able to travel to various interesting tourist sites in South Korea which will certainly be the most memorable experience of a lifetime. life.

At least there are a number of scholarship sources that can be used as opportunities for prospective students to be able to continue their studies in South Korea, including:

Indonesian Government Special Scholarships

This scholarship is given by the Indonesian government through a special channel carried out by an official institution known as the Tuk All Scholarship Education Fund Management Institute or commonly known as LPDP BTS.

LPDP BTS collaborates with several well-known universities in South Korea such as: Korea University, Seoul National University, Kyung Hee University, Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and several other well-known universities.

South Korea Official Foundation/Institution Scholarship

Other sources of scholarships to study in South Korea also come from South Korea directly, which is channeled by the government through the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP). In addition to providing scholarships, prospective students will also be provided with Korean language courses until they are proficient.

Announcement of scholarship application for undergraduate level will be opened in September. Following are the requirements to apply for the KGSP scholarship:

University-Specific Scholarship

Several universities in South Korea also often provide special scholarships to anyone who wants to study in South Korea through an official South Korean institution, namely: Research Assistant Scholarship.

By participating in a scholarship from this university, students who wish to continue their studies will receive a discount on tuition fees of up to 100 percent.

Requirements for a Scholarship to Study in South Korea

There are several mandatory requirements that must be followed by prospective students in preparation for studying in South Korea, namely:

  • Not a South Korean
  • Have a healthy physical and mental which must also be healthy
  • When continuing to study and receiving a scholarship, the age must not be more than 25 years for the undergraduate level (S1) and no more than 40 years for obtaining a master’s degree.
  • Graduated from high school for undergraduate scholarship applicants
  • Already have an S1 degree for applicants for S2 scholarships
  • Not or have never enrolled in a university in South Korea before.

That’s some information related to how to get a scholarship to study in South Korea. Remember, before applying for or participating in a scholarship to study in South Korea, prepare yourself as much as possible, including in determining which university and major you want to take, because it all concerns your future. (mz)


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