How to get backlinks for websites


Previously, we were first acquainted with Backlinksand what is its function for a website, in short, a backlink is a link that is directed from website A to website B.

We can illustrate that when there is an election for class president at school, the one who gets the most votes in the voting will be the class president.

Meanwhile, those who vote slightly get a position below the class president, let’s say the deputy, secretary and treasurer.

So also with Backlinks for websites, more and more other websites provide links to our websitethe easier it is for our website to get the top position on Google.

Of course, this is the dream of all website owners, because if the position of the website is above, surely many visitors will come to the website.

So, here I will give you a way to get backlinks for websites

How to get backlinks for websites

1. Write Articles on Other People’s Websites

This method is the most common way to get free backlinks, or other names are free guest posts.

So you need to find a website that opens guest writers, and you can add a link to your website, just search on Google “Free Guest Post“.

Usually the website owner will provide the criteria for the article to be accepted, you just ask the website owner first. After the deal, then you start working on the article and give the article to the website owner.

Then your article will be published, and the article section will contain a link to your website page.

2. Buying Backlinks, Much Easier

If you have a little difficulty with the first method, you can do this second method, namely buying backlinks from other website owners. So you don’t have to think about making articles, just spend money, then you get articles and backlinks to your website.

It’s easy, right?!!

For the price, it varies, depending on the source of the website that is used as a backlink, the better the website that is used as a backlink, the more expensive the price will be.

Well that’s it 2 how to get backlinksI hope it’s useful.


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