How to Get Extra Income for Teachers


Working as a teacher is a very noble activity, because teachers teach and set a good example for their students. But it needs to be said that in some areas the teaching profession does not get a high income.

Therefore, we took the initiative to provide tips and ways to earn extra income for a teacher. Surely it will not get in the way of the main work.

How to Get Extra Income for Teachers

If you are a teacher, you can read this article to the end:

1. Create a Blog

Blog is one type of website that is very simple, in which there is information about articles written by someone.

Now you can create a blog that contains information on your teaching material, of course, it can be used to teach your students. What’s more, what you write will be read by other people who use the internet.

Because blogs that are already active can be seen by everyone connected to the internet.

So how do you get the money?

Now to get money from your own blog very much, one of which is Google Adsense Ads. Later, for example, your blog has a lot of articles, there are already many people visiting, you can register the blog to Google Adsense.

Later every ad that appears on your blog will generate additional money for you. For complete information about your blog, you can search for references on Google.

Many have discussed this in detail. You can search with the keywords “how to become a blogger” or “how to get money from blogger”

But before that we would like to suggest not to focus on the money first, but focus on how to manage a blog well and how to bring in traffic.

Because later if the blog is empty of visitors, even though there are advertisements, it will not produce much, so it will end up giving up first.

2. Open a Course or Course

If you have ever visited a website like Ruangduru, maybe you were inspired by the site, because many teachers open online courses by using such a platform. And many people are earning extra income from opening online courses.

For example, if you have expertise in programming, you can open an online programming course for beginners, and you can charge a fee according to the material you teach to potential participants in your course.

For example, IDR 100,000 for 1 day, or a monthly subscription.


So that’s a little explanation about how to get additional income for teachers, and actually there are many methods that can be done to get additional income for a teacher, okay, hopefully it can be useful.


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