How to Get Money from the Indo Today News Reading Application

Hi everyone, it’s back to me, an amateur blogger, who likes to experiment with the Internet world. Especially those that have to do with How to get money from the internet.

This time I want to share information about how to earn money from news reading applications.

Yes, you read it right, you can earn money just by reading the news.

Of course, real money!

To make it even more tempting, I attach a screenshot of proof of payment from this application.

indo today
picture just sweetener

How are you interested?

If you are interested, I will tell you the name of the application is Indo TodayYes, this application is indeed hot again because it is proven to pay.

In fact, every week, Indo Today holds an event with a total prize of 15 million rupiah.

The event is a ranking for inviting new friends, so whoever invites the most new friends will get a total prize of 15 million.

I myself have withdrawn the balance from this application 3 times, and all entered into my fund account. And now each one has a balance that I haven’t withdrawn.

How to Earn Money from the Indo Today App

There are several missions that we have to do in order to get a lot of points. Now, these points can be exchanged for money later.

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How to get points on Indo Today.

New users will get points by registering and entering a friend’s invitation code. Please download the Indo Today application first via the Playstore or Apple store.

After that, you enter the account list and enter your friend’s invitation code, or if you don’t have one, you can enter the invitation code SS2NWH.

After that, you complete missions, such as daily check-in, playing the free lottery wheel, reading news, watching videos, and inviting new friends.

Every time you successfully invite a new friend, you can get money up to 7 thousand from that 1 friend.

For registration, you can use a Facebook account, or if you are an iPhone user, you can log in with your Apple account.

And for the withdrawal it uses DANA and Paypal. Btw, this application is without a deposit, so it is safe to play.

Okay, maybe that’s all the info from me, if you like it, don’t forget to comment, hehe.

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