How to Get Poor Fast in 2021


This time, Mimin did not make a mistake in making the title, but seriously, Mimin will discuss the causes and the fastest way to become poor in 2021.

In general, people make tips on how to get rich or how to get rich quick, but this time the admin wants to give a different picture, if we do the things that will be explained below then we will quickly become poor.

How to Get Poor Fast in 2021

Being poor here doesn’t mean that we don’t have money at all, but we have money, we just can’t manage it well, so we will fall into poverty.

Hedon’s Lifestyle

Usually when people get a lot of money, most of them will change their lifestyle to be extravagant or hedonistic. If you see a few good items, you will immediately buy them, even though you don’t necessarily need these items.

Well, after buying it, it’s not used or even used for a few days after that, just put it away.

Cases like this very often occur among young people who are just holding large amounts of money. When later there is a need that must be met, it will not be possible, because the money has run out first when buying things that are not needed at all.

Like to Use Pay Later

Pay later can be said to buy now and pay later, so actually there is no problem when we shop but pay later as long as the seller has given permission.

Now, the problem is that when you pay it later there will be interest, and when it is due it is not paid, because of the habit of being in arrears, it will be dangerous.

Even the price of interest is much more expensive than the price of the original goods, so that we can fall into poverty instantly.

Likes to be in debt but refuses to pay

Now, if this usually happens in the circle of young people, the other one likes to borrow money but gets angry when he is billed.

Indeed, this behavior will not make us poor instantly, but bad habits like this will make us mentally “poor” forever. Because it is irresponsible, and likes hunting mulu.

The worst-case scenario when this happens is the friendship is ruined because of debt. Though the number is not much.

Life Wants People to Recognize

The habit of showing off is also a trigger for us to become poor faster, because we want people to always pay attention or be judged as wow by people, it costs money.

For example, to buy the latest HP, brandid clothes, and the like.


In conclusion, the 4 things above can trigger us to become poor faster in 2021 and even in the following year.

Now it depends on each one whether they want to be poor or rich, if they don’t want to be poor, they can avoid the causes above.


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