How to Increase Blog Traffic Drastically


Are you getting bored of managing your blog because blog traffic doesn’t go up? even though I’ve done various ways but it still doesn’t go up.

Well here will provide tips to increase blog traffic drastically. Make sure you read this article to the end.

How to Increase Blog Traffic Drastically

How to Increase Blog Traffic Drastically

You can see the picture above is one of the blogs that Mimin manages and is proven to be able to generate 1k/day traffic. Well I will give you a trick that I use.

1. Targeted Article Titles

First make sure you create an article that has a targeted title and keywords.

The point is to make sure the article you create is an article that other people might be looking for via Google. For example like “money making app“.

So the article with that title is likely to be sought by people who want to earn money through applications on the Internet. So you have to be good at doing research whether the article you make is likely to be searched by other people.

To find out, you can do keyword research with SEO tools such as Moz, Smallseotools, Ubersuggest, and others.

Or the easiest way to determine the title of a targeted article is to make yourself a visitor. For example, you are in need of what you later look for that information on the Internet.

Now you can make the article, because it is likely that many people also need this information. When you have created a targeted article, just wait for the time for the article to bring traffic to your blog.

2. Post Ads

If you are very tired of the manual way, you can try advertising to increase visitors to your blog. There are many types of advertising services that you can try, such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads, or Google ads.

Of course, all of the above services require quite a lot of capital to be used. But if it’s your first time trying it, you can set aside around 100 thousand to try advertising.

Usually websites that use advertisements to increase traffic are news websites, and the advertising services used are advertisements from Facebook ads.

3. Share Articles To Social Media

Now, I usually use this method consistently after creating a new article, I usually share it on my Facebook page and Facebook group, and it’s been proven to bring traffic to my blog.

Many big media also share their latest articles to various social media, such as Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook of course.

You can use this method so that you can increase blog traffic You.


Well, that’s a simple way that you can do to increase your blog traffic quickly, besides that you can also learn SEO so that you can bring in traffic from search engines like Google.

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