How to make a bibliography and 4 things that must be in it

The bibliography is one of the important components in a book, article or related to other literature.

As is known, the bibliography is an arrangement of writings at the end of a book creation scientific paper which contains the name of the author, title of the article, publisher, identity of the publisher, and year of publication. This list of sources or bibliography is used as a source or reference for an author in his work.

The existence of a bibliography is very important to show that a writing or scientific work is not only made based on the original thoughts of an author, but also gets a lot of references from various other people’s thoughts.

The bibliography is also used as a thank you for the contributors to research data. In addition, the list in the bibliography can also help readers who want to find out more about a particular topic or problem in a scientific paper.

If you are writing a bibliography, you cannot do it haphazardly. The writing must be based on the rules that have been applied and generally applied. This is why there is a guide on how to list libraries.

General Rules Bibliography

As a general rule, each source that will be included in the list must contain several main things, such as the name of the author, the title of the book, the year of manufacture to the publisher of the book itself.

Not only serves as a thank you for the sources of knowledge in the book as a reference for making books, scientific works, articles and other written works, this list can also be used as authentic evidence that the contents in the written work can be accounted for.

Bibliography Components

There are 4 main components that must and must be included or attached to the list of each bibliography, as the main source of information for readers of the paper, to refer to evidence, sources to the identity of the sources in the bibliography.

The following are components that must be included in the bibliography in scientific works in general that need attention:

  1. Name

The author’s name is written first. The last name or surname is written first, followed by a comma (,). After that, include the first and middle name of the author of the book. If the book is the work of two or more authors, only the first author is reversed. The second author and so on are followed, in the order of the original name.

  1. Publication Year

The year of publication is listed after the name of the author of the book used as a bibliography. Don’t be fooled by the number of the initial printing year because it could be that the book used is the second, third, or last printing.

  1. Book title

Write the full title of the book. Don’t forget, the title is written in italic (italics). Writing the title of the book in italic or italic format has become a joint provision in making a bibliography, to distinguish the title of the book from other identities, such as the author’s name to the publisher’s identity.

  1. City and Publisher Name

The last part in writing a bibliography of a book is to include the city of publication and the name of the publisher who printed the book. Write the name of the city first, followed by the name of the publisher, which is delimited by a colon (:).

Another thing to note is the boundary marks of each sequence. Be sure to use a period (.) as a delimiter from the order of the name, year of publication, book title, to city and publisher name.

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