How to Make a Good and Correct Review Article


How to Make a Review Article – Maybe before, you have tried to write a review article but found it not very good or not interesting to read. It must be admitted, indeed, making this type of article requires a special technique in order to attract attention, so that readers want to listen to it to the end.

Writing review articles is not just conveying the advantages and disadvantages of a product or service. However, it’s more than that. The choice of words/diction to the right style of language is the key to how the review article can be well conveyed to the reader.

Get acquainted with Review Articles

The review article itself is an article that discusses the description of products, services, or other things. Usually the review content contains the advantages and disadvantages and has the aim of making the reader want to use the product/service.

Some that you can review include applications, books, beauty products, services and many others. A good review will make the reader more curious about something you have written.

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How to Make a Good and Correct Review Article

Then, how to write a correct review article and be able to attract the attention of readers?

Well you can follow a short guide from the following when you want to make your own version of the review article.

1. Know What You’re Reviewing

This is often not done. Reviewing something, but don’t know what is actually being reviewed. The content of the review only takes references from Google by changing the words, as if it was a review based on personal experience.

Obviously, this is not the right thing to do. Do not let you review something without doing research first. This is so that the articles you create can be more accurate and more trusted by readers.

At least when you want to write a review article you have to try the product, and how was your experience when using the product, whether you like it or not. Now you can make a decision there and then put it in the review article that you made.

The next way to write a good review article is to write in a story telling style. aka writing as if you are telling a story. Writing with a story telling style is able to hypnotize the readers so that they are more interested in knowing more about the goods/services you are reviewing.

At this point you can introduce yourself first, then your background, then you can get to the core of the review. It aims to make the atmosphere of the reader becomes comfortable.

3. Initial Paragraph Is Key

No matter how long the review you write, if the initial paragraph of your writing is not interesting it will make the reader reluctant to read it to the end. For this reason, give the best to the writing in the first paragraph so that they are interested in reading every word for word of the review article that you make.

For example, you want to review a money-making application that is going viral, and indeed in that case you managed to get money from the application. You can use initial words such as “I never thought it could be so easy to earn money from this application, I myself have tried it and managed to get extra income”.

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4. Reviews are better done honestly

So, at this point, most readers of this review article prefer simple and honest reviews without exaggeration. Moreover, the person who made the review also gave his experience when using the product being reviewed, so at least the person who reviewed it already felt the benefits of the product he was reviewing.

5. Use Captivating Tubnails

In addition to the factor of the article, choosing the main image or tubnail is also a trigger for potential readers to read your article as soon as possible. At this point you are allowed to use the Click Bait technique, as long as it is not excessive.

You can learn how to make interesting tubnails by sharing tutorials on Youtube.

Usually clickbait tubnails will be easier to attract the attention of potential readers to immediately read the article you created.


Well that’s some how to write a good and correct review article. Don’t forget to also use your creativity and interesting ideas so that the writing becomes more alive and attracts the reader’s attention. And don’t hesitate to try new things to improve your experience in writing this review article. Thank you and hopefully useful.


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