How to Make a Passport to Study Abroad

Possession of a passport is one of the important requirements to be able to continue studying abroad. Therefore, making passports and visas is very vital when you want to travel abroad. Because, officer Immigration of each country abroad has a very strict policy for immigrants, including for students.

Likewise, for those of you who want to study abroad, making a passport is one of the most important preparations for studying abroad, which must be made after other conditions relating to studying abroad.

Definition of Passport

As is known, a passport has the meaning of a valid identity document and is officially issued by the Directorate General of Immigration under the auspices of the Department of Law and Legislation or it can be through the Indonesian Embassy abroad.

Passports are given to all Indonesian citizens in the form of ordinary passports or better known as green passports who want to travel, study, to work abroad or for other purposes. The minimum age requirement for citizens who are entitled to have and make a passport is from 17 years old and above.

How to Make a Passport for College

Every Indonesian citizen who is not in trouble with the law or is in a banned status either by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia or by other countries has the right to make a passport, the process and convenience of which is guaranteed by the government of the Republic of Indonesia.

Likewise for needs educationhow to make a passport for college is the same as a regular passport for the general public.

There are two types of passports issued by the Immigration Office, namely: Ordinary Passports and E-Passports. Generally, for those of you who want to continue studying, it is highly recommended to make an E-Passport.

E-Passport is a new breakthrough, especially in the completeness of personal identity contained in passports, because there are special biometric data for passport holders ranging from facial identity (face id) to fingerprints so that the identity recognition process is much faster and not easily faked by others.

Requirements for Making a Passport

Before applying for a passport, you must prepare various important documents related to residence status to education certificates. The following are the main requirements for making a passport in preparation for studying abroad, namely:

  • An official and still valid resident identity card (E-KTP)
  • Latest Family Card (KK)
  • Last education certificate or birth certificate
  • Certificate from school or university

How to Apply for a Passport

Currently, the Immigration Office has provided various conveniences for those of you who want to travel abroad, including for students who want to study abroad, by preparing a registration path for submitting a passport online without having to bother coming to the Immigration Office.

You can download the official application for making passports online both on the Play Store and on the Google Play Store. After the application is downloaded to your smartphone, then you can start applying for registration by filling in your email and specifying the location of the Immigration office for making passports to booking codes for queuing.

After receiving a call from the Immigration Office, the next step is to fill out a passport application form, which will take at least five days to process.

Then, the Immigration office will make a summons to conduct the interview stage for submitting a passport and check the authenticity of the resident’s identity. If this process is complete, the next step is to take a photo of yourself as an identity to be affixed to the passport book.

After the core process of making a passport is complete, the next step is to wait for the passport making process to be completed, which usually takes about seven days. If it is finished, you will be asked to pay a passport fee of Rp. 255 thousand, the details of which are: Rp. 200 thousand for the cost of making a 48 page passport and Rp. 55 thousand for services using biometric-based passport issuance system technology.

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