How to Make Money from Watching Videos on the Internet


Watching videos is expensive? is that really possible?

Yep, why not!

Technological advances have made digital players never run out of ideas to create new types of businesses, one of which is a video platform that pays its viewers.

Usually if we make a new youtube video we will get money from monetizing the video. But now viewers can earn money from watching videos on YouTube.

Watch Videos Earn Money

There are several platforms that give viewers the opportunity to earn money by watching videos on the platform. Examples are as follows:

1. Tik Tok

Yes, tiktok is a video sharing platform that is on the rise, many types of content have been circulating on this platform. From entertainment to education.

But who would have thought, in 2021, tiktok will create a special program for users who watch tiktok videos to earn money.

How to Earn Money from Watching Tiktok Videos

The method is very easy, you just create an account on tiktok, then verify the account creation. And just follow the game from tiktok.

The game is really easy, you only need to watch the video for 30 minutes, and you will get around 6,000 points.

Where is every 10 points = 1 Rupiah. That means a day you can only get 600rupiah just. But this game lasts for 350 days / 1 year.

If you add up in a year, if you regularly watch videos for 30 minutes/day, you can already get 200 thousand from Tiktok.

To withdraw money you can use a digital wallet FUNDthe minimum balance withdrawal is 500 rupiah.

2. is a platform that connects YouTube video creators to viewers, where creators can place advertisements on this platform to increase the number of views on their channel. So you can quickly meet the requirements for youtube adsense monetization.

For those of you who want to earn money from watching videos, this platform is highly recommended, you just need to watch 10-60 seconds I just got money.

Even though the amount is small, but if you do it regularly, the balance will quickly accumulate

How to Earn Money from Watching Youtube Videos on

First you have to register at and verify your account. After that, just look at the video ads available on your dashboard.

Usually every 5 seconds you can get 15-30 rupiah.

3. Snack Videos

It’s the same with Tiktok, in Snack videos you can earn money just by watching videos, of course there are also other interesting events.

Like inviting friends, you can earn up to millions of rupiah from video snacks for inviting friends. But the friends you invite must also be active watching videos on snack videos

Advantages and Disadvantages of Making Money from Watching Videos

Weaknesses it’s not efficient if this job is used as the main job because the value offered is still lacking. So it’s only suitable for part time only.

And also not suitable for those who surf using cellular data, because the quota runs out quickly, and even if you can earn money, it is not equivalent to the price of an internet package.

The advantages it could be a side income, especially for schoolchildren whose school has wifi available, they can learn while clicking videos for a few seconds.


Actually, there are still many platforms that give video viewers the opportunity to earn money. You can search on Google to add references like this.

Yes, I hope it’s useful.


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