How To Make SSH VIP For Free


On this occasion we will learn about Secure Shell or SSHstarting from understanding, benefits, and how to create an SSH server.

What is SSH?

SSH or Secure Shell is a cryptographic network protocol for secure data communication, command line interface login, remote command execution, and Other network services.

SSH is a replacement for remote login applications like telnet, rsh, and rlogin, which are much more secure. The main function of this application is to access the machine remotely.

Just like telnet, SSH Client provides the User with a Shell to remotely to the machine.

Unlike telnet, SSH provides an encrypted connection between the client and the server.

In practice, using telnet and ssh is like the difference from accessing a regular website with a more secure website (HTTPS).

Benefits of SSH

By using SSH you can move freely through the file structure of the hosting account. You can also perform tasks such as monitoring log files and starting or stopping services (applies to VPS / Dedicated services).

You can even use it to install software to your hosting account or manage MySQL databases.

The point is that using SSH can allow you to do a lot more than web standards.

How to create an SSH Account?

Here I will explain two ways to create an SSH account including:

1. Create SSH Account By Via SSH Builder Site

2. Then the second in a way that is quite complicated and also has to incur some costs, because later we will buy a vps.

How to Create SSH Account Via SSH Builder Site

I highly recommend the site for making SSH itself, because besides being free, this method is also not complicated, but for free SSH VIP, it is quite difficult, instead of being curious, we just practice.

1. Please open your mainstay browser

2. Please enter the site

3. Please select the server you want, I recommend using the Indonesian server, or if it is not available, please use the Singapore server

4. Then a column will be available, to enter a username and password, please fill it in according to what you want

5. The basic process of making SSH is complete

After knowing how to create a Basic SSH account, then we will go to the process of how to create an SSH VIP And Of course it’s FREE!

How to Create a Free SSH VIP Account

Before going into the discussion, make sure you will create an SSH VIP when resetting the server, because if you don’t, the server will be full, aka full

1. Please open your mainstay browser

2. Then open the site in the search box

3. Please select the menu section

4. Choose Any as long as it says VIP

5. Then select the server, for which server is the most important VIP

6. Enter the desired username and password

7. Done.

How to Create an SSH Account Using Your Own Server

Creating an SSH account using a vps alias server itself, as I said, this second method is quite complicated and requires a little capital.

But if you can take advantage of that, you can start selling SSH yourself, it all depends on yourself.

I assume you already have your own Vps, because here I will only explain how to setup the vps.

1. Please download the application juicessh on android then putty on the computer

2. Then please do a vps connection to the application, with the format:

Namethen ip vpsan example is as follows:

(root@ on average each vps username is root.

3. After successfully connecting, please setup using the SSH script maker, you can get the script on google according to the type of vps.

I gave the tutorial above, in a fairly complicated way, to get more complete info, please visit my site.


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