How to Overcome a Jammed HP because HP’s Internal Memory is Full, Easily and Effectively

Maybe you have complained about your HP’s internal memory being full very quickly. For most people, they might choose a way around this by buying a new device that has a larger internal memory.

Buying a cellphone with RAM and large internal memory is indeed quite helpful. However, not everyone can do this because buying a new, better device, especially a larger internal memory, will cost more and not everyone can do it.

Even though there are several ways other than buying a new device to overcome a full HP internal memory.

There are several ways to clean internal memory, such as the common thing to do is to clean junk files that are no longer used.

And the caches of applications, especially applications that generate a lot of cache such as social media applications. This is because social media applications generally generate a lot of cache from our search results.

For example, the Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and many others applications.

Therefore, how to clean HP’s internal memory can be a solution instead of buying a new device.

Indeed, HP users are required to do this cleaning as a maintenance effort. There are many impacts if you leave the HP’s internal memory full.

Like the cellphone being very slow, the screen is stuck when opening applications, bootloop, until the cellphone is often hot.

Well, to be able to avoid the bad possibilities, you can learn how to clean the internal memory of this HP.

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How to Solve HP Jams because HP’s Internal Memory is Full

1. Move your personal files like Photos, Videos, Music to SD Card

By moving your personal files such as Photos, Videos, Music to the SD Card, it allows space on your internal memory to be reduced and makes your cellphone run faster.

However, this method is recommended for those of you who have an SD Card with a large enough capacity, such as an SD Card of 16 GB to 64 GB more.

Because the files now have a fairly large size, so it would be highly recommended to use a large SD Card as well.

How to move your personal files like Photos, Videos, Music to SD Card:

  1. Open File Manager.
  2. Open the folder used to store photos, videos, and music.
  3. Then select the photos or files that you want to move to the SD card.
  4. Select the Move or Copy option.
  5. Paste the file into the storage folder on the external memory / SD card.

2. Clearing Cache from Apps

After knowing that the cache eats up the internal memory there are times when you delete the cache of applications that have a lot of cache as in the previous explanation.

Like the cache of the Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp and many others applications to clean up your internal storage space, so that the cellphone can run smoothly again.

How to clear the cache in the application:

  1. Open the Android HP Settings on the Settings menu.
  2. After that, go to the Applications menu.
  3. Continue looking for any application that takes up the most memory.
  4. Once found, open the application.
  5. Tap the Storage menu, then tap Clear Cache.
  6. Proceed with clearing the cache of the rest of the apps.
  7. If you want to delete data, it’s fine, more optimally, even though all application data will be lost.
  8. Clearing data will make users re-login when using applications that require login.

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3. Clearing Data from Youtube Offline App

Offline applications are applications that provide content in the form of images, videos, articles and music that can be played when not connected to the Internet network.

Like on Youtube, you can download videos and then watch them offline, so this application will eat up your internal memory storage space because the data from the downloaded videos is in the internal memory.

Therefore applications like youtube can take up internal space with stored data.

And it would be better if the data from the application is no longer used to be deleted.

The following are the steps for deleting data in the Youtube application:

  1. Open the YouTube app.
  2. Then go to Your Profile in the top right corner.
  3. Then select the Settings menu > Downloads > Delete Download.
  4. In addition, you can also open the Library menu in the lower right corner.
  5. Open the Downloads menu, you will see a list of offline videos.
  6. Next, open the three-dot icon next to the video you want to delete.
  7. Select the Remove from Download menu
  8. Do this one by one for each video.

4. Removing Unnecessary Apps or Uninstalling Apps

Android game applications usually consume the most internal memory. So, if the game application is no longer used or rarely used anymore, it should be removed or uninstalled immediately.

Removing unused applications can also be a powerful way to overcome HP’s memory that quickly fills up. Because the application is always updated and takes up memory, while you are not using the application.

How to Delete an Application or Uninstall an Application from a Smartphone:

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Then select Settings > Application Management.
  3. Then find the application that you want to delete.
  4. After that tap Uninstall.
  5. The application has been deleted.


In conclusion, there are still many ways you can do so that your cellphone doesn’t get stuck because your cellphone’s internal storage space is full.

That’s our explanation about How to Overcome a Slow HP because HP’s Internal Memory is Full Quickly, Easily and Effectively.

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