How to Present on Google Meet in 6 Easy Steps


After the Covid-19 pandemic, online activities, including presentations on Google Meet, for both education and work have become commonplace.

However, behind the increasing popularity of presentations on Google Meet, it turns out that there are still many people who don’t know how to technically deliver presentations via email application google meet.

Google meet itself is an artificial application google which is intended for the needs of meetings, meetings, online learning which is very much needed when the Covid-19 pandemic occurs throughout the world, including in Indonesia.

This google meet application can be used and accessed for free with various supporting features, including when making presentations on google meet which can be operated either through smartphones or computer devices.

There are many advantages offered by making presentations at Google Meet, in addition to the already high image quality or high definition (HD), the capacity of the meeting participants is also quite large and there is no duration limit when conducting meetings or learning from Google Meet.

Another advantage of google meet is that you can even make presentations even when other users in the same meeting are presenting.

Conducting online activities, meetings or meetings through the Google Meet application is also guaranteed to be safe, including privacy from the possibility of participants or other application users entering the meeting or presentation that you are participating in, because to be able to access the meeting, each participant will receive a special code and password to be able to access the meeting. attend the meeting.

How to Present on Google Meet

There are two ways to be able to make a presentation at Google Meet, namely through a computer device and via a smartphone, the following is an explanation:

Presentation on Google Meet Via Computer

To make a presentation at Google Meet using your computer, the method is as follows:

  • Open the Google Meet site or app on the laptop.
  • Then join the ongoing meeting.
  • After clicking the Present Now menu in the lower right corner.
  • Specify Chrome Screens, Windows and Tabs for presentations.
  • Also determine the material or content as presentation material.
  • Finally select Share or share.

How to Present Together with other Participants

In addition, on google meet there are also other features where you can make presentations together with other participants who are also presenting, here are the steps:

  • Join or Start a Meeting on Google Meet.
  • Then click Present.
  • Then select a window or application for the presentation.
  • After that, just click Share.

How to Present on Google Meet via Smartphone

The second way is to make a presentation through the Google Meet application using a smartphone device. This method is considered more practical and simple because it can be done anywhere and anytime, here’s how:

  • Open the Google Meet application on your smartphone device.
  • Please select an option to join the meeting.
  • After that click the More menu.
  • Then select Present Screen.
  • Now you can start presenting to all Meet Meeting attendees.

If the presentation process in google meet is complete, and you want to end the presentation, the steps you have to do are also relatively easy, here are the steps:

In the meeting view, please click Stop Presenting or you can also choose an option by clicking on the text You are Presenting -> Stop Presenting in the lower right corner.

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