How to Register for BLT 600 thousand, easy and the conditions


BLT issued by the government of 600 thousand will be disbursed three times in three consecutive months. For people affected by Covid-19 who want to get BLT, they must register first and fulfill all the requirements. This is how to register BLT 600 thousand easily.

The type of assistance for the lower middle class has been planned by the government. Each family will get a BLT of 600 thousand of the total allocation of 16.2 trillion rupiah. What are the requirements that must be prepared and how do I register? Check out the following reviews:

Requirements for Recipients of 600,000 BLT

What are the requirements for prospective recipients of 600 thousand BLT? see the review below:

1. Indonesian citizen

The mandatory requirement for prospective BLT recipients is Indonesian Citizen (WNI). Prospective recipients can provide proof of citizenship in the form of an ID card or KK. Both documents are attached with a Population Identification Number (NIK). The existence of a NIK is useful to facilitate personal data collection sessions and also those who are responsible.

The National Population Number is very attached to each individual as a form of legality for citizens of the Republic of Indonesia.

2. Worker or Labor

Direct Cash Assistance is only intended for people with employment status as workers/labourers who receive a salary. The workers/laborers are classified as people with lower middle income who are entitled to receive this BLT.

Members of the Civil Service, TNI and Polri, as well as employees of BUMN or BUMD cannot receive BLT from the government. The government prioritizes only the lower middle class people who are entitled to this 600 thousand direct cash assistance.

3. Active BPJS Employment Participants

Recipient’s requirements BLT The next 600 thousand are those who have registered and are active participants of the BPJS Employment program. The activity of members of the BPJS Employment social security program must be proven by the presence of a participant card number.

Active BPJS Employment participants are also proven by their activeness in paying contributions based on their respective wages/salaries. The amount of contributions calculated is from salaries below 5 million according to the latest salary that has been reported by the company or place of work. This can be strengthened by the evidence recorded in the BPJS Employment data.

4. Have a Bank Account

Of course, this one condition becomes an urgency, because bank accounts will facilitate transactions from government cash to prospective beneficiaries. Also make sure the bank account registered to the prospective BLT recipient data is an active account number.

Here’s How to Register for BLT 600 thousand

The local village government (RT/RW) will record data from each of its residents. The residents’ data will be validated and confirmed by the local RT/RW. The registration process itself follows the following steps:

  • RT/RW submit data and required documents to the sub-district office;
  • Furthermore, the kelurahan will submit the data to the sub-district;
  • After the re-validation of the data is completed, the sub-district will classify according to the quota of BLT participants given by the local government;
  • The sub-district will submit data on prospective beneficiaries of assistance to the regional government;
  • Data that has been submitted to the regional government will be recapitulated and submitted to the kelurahan;
  • Accurate data on BLT recipients will be personally announced by the local RT/RW to BLT recipients;
  • The schedule for disbursement will be further informed to BLT recipients.

That’s how to register BLT 600 thousand easily. Prospective BLT recipients only need to complete the required documents. The rest of the registration process will be assisted by the local government. If the requirements have been met and the data is not registered as a BLT recipient, then you can apply complain to the local village government. Hope it is useful.

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