How to Register for Direct Cash Assistance Online for MSME Actors

Various efforts have been made by the government to maintain economic stability in the midst of a pandemic like now, one of which is in the form of direct cash assistance. The Cash Direct Assistance facility is specifically applied to MSMEs to help carry out business operational activities. For MSME actors who are interested in this facility, you should first read the information on how to register for Cash Direct Assistance via online along with the requirements:

Complete BLT Registration With These Requirements

There are facilities such as Help Direct Cash can be a way to save MSME actors in the midst of the current epidemic. This facility is in the form of financial assistance of 1.2 million rupiah which is specifically for micro-enterprises. This assistance is a direct injection of funds from the government without containing elements of bank credit. The government itself has provided assistance of 15.36 trillion rupiah which is ready to facilitate micro business actors.

For SMEs who need this facility previously, they were required to meet the requirements that were put forward first. As for the procedure for registering direct cash assistance via online, this can be done directly on line to make it easier to do during a pandemic outbreak like now. The requirements that must be met by MSME owners to receive this assistance include the following:

  • Are Indonesian Citizens (WNI)
  • Does not include employees of BUMN, BUMD, PNS, TNI/Polri
  • Have a Population Identification Number (NIK)
  • Do not have credit and bank loans
  • Attach the required documents such as KTP, KK, and Business Certificate (if the domicile of the KTP and MSMEs are different)

Here’s How To Get BLT

All registered MSMEs will be subject to selection by going through verification activities and checking the attached documents from the relevant committee. If the proposed MSME passes the selection, the application for funds can be made according to the domicile based on the registered form. Applications can be submitted by registering for Direct Cash Assistance via online as follows:

1. Prepare the Attachment to the Application for a Business License

Requests for assistance can be made by accessing the official website at then the user must continue the account registration process first. If the user successfully registers, they can log back in and access the Business Licensing option. On this page, there will be a choice of categories in the form of micro and small businesses. Users can select the Business Registration menu according to the MSME category that is being run.

2. Create NIB Together With Business Permits

The next way to register for direct cash assistance via online is to complete the MSME profile and business data first. Then select the Save button to end data entry. From this page, users can also list other businesses if they have more than 1 business being run.

Small business actors can complete the Business Permit application page if required in the conditions submitted. If the data has been filled in, there will be a page in the form of an NIB form and select the NIB Process option.

3. Business Licensing Process

The next process in this registration is to access the Commercial or Operational Permit Application page. Users can press the NIB button and select the registered business activity for assistance. Later there will be a business licensing form and the requested data should be filled out as completely as possible. If the data or information has been completed, the user can then save and review the form so that there are no errors.

This is information on how to register for Cash Direct Assistance via online along with the requirements that must be met. Running a business in the midst of a pandemic outbreak like today is indeed a very difficult challenge, especially for MSME actors. This is indeed not easy for some parties so that the government also intervenes by providing facilities such as this Direct Cash Assistance in the hope that the Indonesian economy will be maintained.

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