How to Register for the Latest Facebook Gaming 2022


Facebook is now more than just a social media. Through facebook gaming, this application can even promise income for its users.

Even in the latest features Facebook This is a medium for channeling the hobbies of gamers and at the same time being able to make money, even hundreds of millions of rupiah, simply by playing games on Facebook and broadcasting live streaming through this social media application.

With this feature of social media, Facebook Gaming is trying to invite gamers to channel their hobby of playing games while doing live broadcasts or broadcasts live streaming and watched by millions of people.

Facebook Gaming invites fans to join as gaming creators on Facebook. It’s easy, you just need to live stream your favorite game on Facebook and you will be paid every month.

Salary on Facebook Gaming

The salary you get is also not kidding. You can earn from Rp. 15 million to Rp. 150 million a month. The amount of salary you get will be calculated from your performance as a creator.

Even now, many creators, especially gamers, have taken advantage of this latest feature of Facebook because it is very promising in terms of income. In fact, it’s not uncommon for creators who are already involved in this Facebook-made gaming feature to become famous for their skills and expertise which are recognized by the live streaming audience of the creators in this gaming feature on Facebook.

How to Register for Facebook Gaming

To be able to become a creator on Facebook as a game is also very easy. The first step to becoming a Facebook Gaming creator community is that you must have a Facebook gaming page or fanspage first.

To register as Facebook as a Gaming Creator, you can open the registration website at

Before registering, make sure you already have a personal facebook account and also a Facebook page for Gaming. If not, you can create a Facebook account first.

Here are the steps for registering to become a Facebook Creator for Gaming:

Creating a Facebook Gaming Creator Page

Before registering for Facebook as a Gaming Creator, you need to create a page or page as your platform for live streaming.

First of all, go to the website to create a special Facebook Gaming Creator Page via the link Then, customize your streamer page as unique as possible.

For this, you can choose a cool profile picture or cover photo as a sweetener. If you have, you will immediately go to the Facebook page for your Gaming Creator.

Register to be an Official Facebook Gaming Creator

If you have, the next step is to register as an official creator of Facebook Gaming, the method is as follows:

Open the Facebook registration website specifically for Gaming Creator, then click the Register menu at the bottom left side of the page. Then, after clicking Register, you will enter the form page that you must fill out. Fill in your full name according to your ID card, your active e-mail, and your registered mobile number on WhatsApp.

The next step is to enter the Facebook link and the Facebook Gaming Page link to fill in the data in the form of a personal Facebook link and a Facebook link specifically for the Gaming Page that you previously registered.

After all the forms are filled in, click Register at the bottom of the page. You will receive a special notification if you have successfully registered in the Facebook Gaming Creator program. Next, you can directly check to receive an email from Facebook specifically for Gaming.

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