How to save 1 million per month for school children, let’s try it


Saving does not have a special time to do it, even school children can also save with a record of being disciplined. There are various sources that explain how to save 1 million per month for high school children. It might be helpful, especially for schoolchildren who want to buy an item without asking their parents.

Well, there are some tips and tricks that schoolchildren can use to raise a million in one month. These methods are summarized in this discussion along with the suggestions that will be given. Immediately, let’s see how the steps so that school children can save one million per month as follows:

1. Set Goals and Set aside At least 33K Daily

First, there is a way to save 1 million per month for school children, namely setting goals, because intentions are very important. When you want to buy something, you can write or print a picture in your room so you can remember the purpose of saving.

After setting goals, the next step is to have a target of saving at least 33 thousand rupiah every day. When unable to meet the target on one day, then can send it on another day. The point is that when you cannot save one day, it must be replaced the previous day so that the target is achieved.

2. Using Non-Retrievable Storage Area

In today’s world, there are various free storage spaces available for free digital and can be set to be taken when a certain limit only. For example in the DANA application as a wallet digital, there is a FUND feature goals which can be set to be retrieved when it reaches a certain target. This is also one way save 1 million per month for schoolchildren which is easy to do.

Actually, the selection of the storage place can also be chosen with the bank option, but it is a little bit inconvenient when it comes to entering money through the bank tellers. Choosing a saved piggy bank can actually work, too, but is often more vulnerable to use in an emergency.

3. Take Savings Steps

The way to save 1 million per month for the next school child is to make savings, especially in expenses that are often used to buy food. The needs of school children such as daily meals and school fees are usually still borne by the parents. However, the biggest expenses usually come when playing with friends because they have to spend money while traveling

4. Increase Income in Various Ways

In connection with the initial step that must set aside at least 33 thousand rupiah to be able to achieve one million in one month. However, if the pocket money is not sufficient, you can increase your income by selling small items or trying stocks.

Examples of small businesses that school children can do, such as selling credit, business thrifting, Becomes reseller products, and so on. On the other hand, to get big profits in a short time, you can try stocks that are a little risky. In addition, stock transactions are better done when they are able to read motion graphics or have related knowledge.

5. Write Progress Goals

The last is to write progress, either expenses or money that has been saved. Recording can be done by making 30 list boxes and pasting them on the walls of the room. The point is that recording this development needs to be done because it will make it more enthusiastic.

This is the explanation given so that you can save one million in a month and it will work easily. It should also be noted that when starting to save, stay disciplined as much as possible and follow this method so that savings reach the target of saving 1 million per month for school children. Hopefully the explanation on how to save 1 million per month for high school children.

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