How to Save Family Memories Photo Collection Save Memory


When someone goes on vacation, their smartphone is almost filled with vacation photos, to the point that the storage memory is full.

Like it or not, we have to delete other photos so we can take new photos and save them on our smartphones. But this method can be said to be less effective, because it will eliminate other memories, just for the sake of new documentation.

Therefore, we will recommend and provide a way to save a collection of memorable photos without having to delete them and of course it will save your memory.

How to Save a Collection of Memories

The method that we recommend is a method that can be done by anyone as long as they understand how to use the Internet well, so here are the tips:

1. Save on Google Drive

The first you can save your memorable photos in your Google Drive account, this method is very effective for saving your internal storage. Because every Google account is given 15 GB of storage for free.

You can use it without having to make old photos. Many people use this method to save their memorable photos. Including myself.

2. Google Photos

Google Photos itself is a cloud storage that can be used by anyone who wants to capture their memorable moments. So Google Photos is the same as Google Drive, so photos stored in Google Photos automatically use Google Drive’s 15 Gb of storage.

How to use it is very easy, you only need to install the Google Photos application on your cellphone, so every time you take a new photo it will automatically go to Google Photos storage.

But keep in mind that Google Photos requires an internet connection to work properly, so don’t be surprised if your quota suddenly decreases when using this application.

3. Upload on Instagram

Another way you can upload all your memorable photos on Instagram, yes indeed this application is social media. So anyone will see your post.

But if you just want to make your memories private and don’t want people to see them, you can make your Instagram account private.

Of course, each of your posts will not be seen by others, but you can still capture your photos without having to worry about full internal storage.

4. Save on Own Server

If you really intend to save all your photo memories, maybe this method is perfect. Yes, even if you need capital to rent your own server.

So how do you rent a hosting server for 1 year or more, then you just have to upload all your photos on the server. So later you can also access the photos that you upload from anywhere.

Because any data stored on the server can be accessed at any time, as long as there is an internet connection.


So that’s how to save photos to save on internet storage, you can try all the methods we provide above, of course for free, except for number 4 you need capital.

Maybe that’s it for now, hopefully this article will be useful.

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