How to Save Instagram Profile Photo, It Will Work!


Playing social media is fun, because there are various features that are used and can get acquainted with and reach a wider range of people. For example, Instagram as a social media that has quite a lot of users also has a profile photo to be recognized by other accounts. For some people, it may be interesting to know how to save Instagram profile photos for personal and other people’s accounts.

On the other hand, profile photos will be difficult to download because it is small and also limited. Maybe there are photos that may save memories or are deleted from storage memory, but become account profile photos. It’s not wrong because this time we will discuss how to save Instagram profile photos on personal or other people’s accounts, namely:

Saving Instagram Profile Photo with App

Before moving on to how to save profile photos Instagram through the second technique, the use of the application may make it easier for users. There are several steps that can be followed to save Instagram profile photos with the application, including:

  • Download the app, users can search on Play or App Store along with the keyword “download Instagram profile”. Another alternative is to directly download Insta Profile Picture Downloader for Instagram
  • Then log in and the user will immediately find the search page.
  • Write username or username without any symbols, so just name it and click search.
  • After that, select one of the various outgoing accounts until the profile appears.
  • Click the profile photo on the account, then select save profile photo.
  • Wait a few moments and check whether the gallery has been saved or not.

Utilizing Third Party Sites To Download Instagram Profile Photos

A recommendation that can be done as a way to save Instagram profile photos is to use the site web. There are several sites web that provides this feature, but in general the steps taken are not much different. Don’t delay any more and just follow the steps to save Instagram profile photos as follows:

  • First is to determine the site web that you want to use. There are several sites that cater to this request such as instaDP, and Fullinstadp. Choose one or try both if one of them has problems.
  • The user will be asked to enter a name or username Instagram owned. Go back to the Instagram app and remember usernames, don’t be wrong or typo.
  • After entering usernames, click search and wait for the process.
  • Then the site will ask for confirmation whether it is really the account that you want to download the profile photo for.
  • Click or press the profile photo of the correct account, if the account is wrong then check the typed account name again.
  • Several options will appear, such as profile, full size, and stories. select full size to view the profile photo to be downloaded.
  • Last step do download by clicking download on the options on the screen. If it doesn’t work, then you can do screenshots but very rarely.
  • Check the storage gallery again whether the profile photo has been saved or not.
  • Perform the same steps to download the profile photo of the other account. This method can also work for personal accounts.

Those are some techniques on how to save Instagram profile photos in personal accounts owned or other people’s accounts. Every user is of course free to be creative and express their every expression, but don’t forget to respect the privacy of others. Thus an explanation of how to save a profile photo from Instagram and hopefully it can be used for positive things.

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