How to save shares at BCA and its benefits


Saving has now become a mandatory expense that must be set aside as a preparation for the future or a resource when an emergency situation occurs. Now it turns out that there are banks, for example BCA that provide stock savings to make it easier and keep their customers loyal. However, of course, it is necessary to know how to save shares in BCA and what benefits will arise.

Slightly different from several other banks, BCA provides several unique and different types of savings in order to invite people to become their customers. Don’t forget to understand how shares work first because they are not much different when using them at BCA. Let’s just look at how to save shares in BCA and the benefits as follows:

Saving Shares in BCA Bank On line

The easiest way to open a savings share through service on line because it is easier and saves energy. In addition, usually the process will be faster because all the required data is complete and recorded automatically digital. Before saving shares in BCA, customers need to open a securities account to be able to enjoy the service by following these steps:

  • Make sure you are registered as a customer and user of BCAS Best Mobile because the process will be carried out through the application.
  • Search menu Open Account then type in the password you have. Another way, if the password entered is wrong then you can contact customer service BCA at 1500888.
  • Click the login option or login then wait a few moments until the user verification question appears.
  • Answer the questions provided correctly and click continue.
  • Fill in personal data starting from the source of funds, data on heirs, occupation, investment objectives, and so on.
  • Finally, write the signature or name of the relevant customer and click ok.
  • Then the customer will be asked to upload the required documents such as ID card, NPWP, statement letter, and others.
  • Click continue and fill in your information, personal data, personal data, written statement, and wait for BCA confirmation. Usually this stage will take some time because it requires a process to confirm and create an account.
  • Check your email often because once the process is complete, BCA will send you an account access code.
  • Pay a minimum initial deposit of 3 million Rupiah and finish. The customer has become an investor, so the next step is to pay attention to dynamic stock charts. Then sell the stock at the right time to make a profit.

Benefits of Using BCA Stock Savings

After knowing how to save shares in BCA, of course, you must know the advantages that will be obtained. It should also be noted that each type of stock has a higher probability of profit, but at the same time carries a high risk. Check out the benefits of saving shares at BCA which will be explained in several points, namely:

1. Bigger Profits Than Ordinary Savings

Different from ordinary savings which only provide interest for the Bank’s thank you services to customers. Now on stocks, there is no interest but investors will benefit according to the rising graph that marks the profit. Apart from that, there is no limit to getting this profit but it is indeed unstable and must have a careful move.

2. Registered as Owner at KSEI

The next advantage is being a legitimate investor registered with KSEI or the Indonesian Central Securities Depository. In order to check the chart movement in KSEI, it is necessary to use the registration password to enter. Once registered, it will be easy to access other investments online on line.

Those are some ways to save shares in BCA that you can do along with the benefits that will be obtained when making this type of savings. It does seem that this is not a savings, but rather an investment that is worth trying. To try it directly, you can visit the nearest BCA branch office. Thus the information this time may be useful.

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