How to Sell NFT on Open Sea in 4 Easy Steps


Since the viral account belonging to Ghozali Everyday which is able to earn billions of rupiah in income from NFT, it has triggered widespread NFT selling activities, where the level of NFT users continues to experience a sharp spike, especially in Indonesia.

A variety of digital works ranging from photos, videos to works of art ranging from quality to quirky ones can be found as works digital that are unique, funny and even have a high selling value in the eyes of collectors creation digital.

However, even though they already have an account and have specific NFT access, there are still many NFT users who are confused about how to generate money from the buying and selling process at NFT.

Before starting trading activities at NFT, especially selling digital works, it’s a good idea to look for references about digital assets that have the potential to generate money. It’s a good idea to create digital works that have high artistic value, such as photos, videos or even other works of art such as paintings.

Start Selling NFT on Open Sea

After knowing the types or potential digital works, starting to do NFT selling activities is actually very easy to do, even for new users, but on condition that they have understood the process of buying and selling on NFT in general and of course having digital works to sell on the platform. the global.

Stage of Starting to Sell NFT

Before starting trading activities at NFT, it’s a good idea to collect various collections of your digital works and group them specifically, for example for the categories of photos, videos and other works.

After that, reclassify each digital work, for example: nature-themed photo works, human interest and others, the aim is to make it easier for collectors and anyone interested in buying your digital works to search for the right digital works.

The next steps will be explained as follows:

  • Select the block chain that will be used for the mint process in NFT, there are three options, namely: euthereum, polygon and klatyn.
  • After that, click Create and put a signature on the wallet to verify your NFT work that will be sold later.

How to Sell NFT

After having NFT, the next step is to start learning how to buy and sell in NFT. For those of you who want to make money from NFT, here’s how to sell on NFT, here are the steps:

  • Go to the Open Sea page
  • Select a profile picture in the Profile menu
  • Then select the type of NFT you want to sell based on the wallet you have
  • If you have, click Sell in the upper right corner of the Open Sea page

In NFT there are two types of ways to sell NFT, namely: Fixed Price or the fixed price of your digital or NFT work and Time Auction or the price set based on the auction results of your NFT work, choose one type of way to sell NFT from both types the.

In this Open Sea, you can direct your digital works to certain people or collectors by clicking Reverse for Specific Buyer.

After all forms are filled in, there will be a charge or service usage fee of 2.5 percent, while the royalty for the creator is 10 percent, if you click Post Your Listing.

Fill in detailed information from your NFT to make it easier for collectors to understand and search for your NFT before posting it on the NFT marketplace. And, you are ready to sell NFT.


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