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There are many reasons why one would want to compress a PDF file. For example, it is difficult to send email shrink pdf large, especially if the attachment size is limited. Also, uploading and sharing large PDF files on the web is tedious. Fortunately, there is an effective solution for compressing PDF files. If you need to compress PDF files, check out these top 11 solutions for compressing PDF files to find the right one for you.

6 Free Online Tools for Compressing PDF Files

Solution 1: Online PDF Compressor

No installation or registration is required to use this free web-based PDF compression tool. It’s quick and easy. You just need to upload your PDF to the service, choose a compression type and you’re almost done! Wait a few seconds to shrink your minimized pdf. This tool can compress your files without losing quality. Even without registering, you can compress many large PDF files at once. Overall, it is a very useful PDF compression tool with no limits.

Solution 2: is a website that offers many different PDF solutions, so you can compress PDFs in it too. It is very easy to use and works fast, in just one click your PDF file will be uploaded and then compressed automatically. The website is free, so users can compress PDF files without worrying about their size or speed. High quality compressed files. Apart from shrinking pdf, one can also use this website to edit and protect PDF.

Solution 3: Smallpdf

This free online PDF management tool has a simple interface and allows users to easily upload files. . There is no option to specify precise compression settings, but the quality and resolution are high. After compression, which only takes a few moments, you can download the file right away. This tool runs on all operating systems, such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. According to SmallPDF, files will be deleted from the server after one hour, so your privacy is protected.

Solution 4: PDFaid

PDFaid offers more features and settings for compressing PDF files. It can shrink pdf up to 20MB in different ways. The detailed settings come in handy if you want very specific compression options. You can define color and black and white image quality, set options, and configure fonts. This web tool is free and works on all operating systems.

Solution 5: has a very simple interface, with some good settings such as presets, compress images, define the type of image compression and its quality, and more options such as deleting bookmarks, annotations, labels, etc. You can also edit compress PDF files, i.e. for 5 MB. While this is an online tool, there is also desktop software if you want to shrink a pdf offline.

Solution 6: Compress PDF Online Very Free PDF

With VeryPDF you can easily compress and manage PDF files, up to 10 MB. This online application is free, but there is also paid software if you want to compress larger PDF files at once. VeryPDF offers another useful option for compressing files: you can upload a PDF from local storage or copy and paste the file URL. The settings are quite advanced, such as custom options for algorithms and image types.

Free software to reduce PDF file size

ApowerCompress is a free Windows program for compressing PDF files with a clean interface. It can shrink large pdfs while producing high quality output files. It can also batch compress PDF files, which can manage thousands of documents. Compression without loss of quality, fast and supports various types of compression.


You can edit PDFs and images however you like. This app allows you to edit your images and adjust the height and width of your photos to make them smaller. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, versatile and effective tool that does more than just edit and enhance, then LightPDF is for you.

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