How to Study IELTS Self-taught


The International English Language Testing System, also known as IELTS, is one of the requirements for global English proficiency. Therefore, studying IELTS is an absolute necessity in order to have a personally recognized competence global.

Not only that, for those of you who are interested in studying abroad through scholarships, the IELTS ability test is also an important requirement to be able to live abroad.

For an easier way, maybe you can take professional foreign language classes that are held by many institutions education as well as official course institutions.

However, there is nothing wrong if you want to self-taught IELTS, even if you succeed, the output is no less satisfying and can even be comparable to foreign language class participants.

Get to know IELTS

As is known, IELTS is a test that is conducted to measure the standard of English proficiency of every person. Some international institutions even make the IELTS test as one of the mandatory requirements to be able to participate in scholarship competencies abroad.

In the IELTS test, there are two types of tests, namely IELTS Academic which is intended for students who want to take scholarships abroad and IELTS General Training which is more targeted at participants who want to work abroad.

How to Start Studying IELTS Self-taught

The IELTS test does not apply a success or failure system, but rather focuses on the scores obtained from the four main IELTS tests, namely: reading, speaking, writing and listening.

Here are tips for self-taught IELTS:

Preparing myself

The main thing you have to do to study IELTS is to prepare yourself as well as possible, especially in terms of mastering English not just speaking, writing, reading but also listening.

The success of the IELTS test is largely determined by the four types of tests, if you continue to hone your English skills regularly through various practice methods, then the process of taking the test will certainly feel easier.

Prepare Learning Media

There are many learning media that can be used to face the IELTS test, one of which is a book. There is a book called Collin for IELTS which is highly recommended for those of you who want to self-taught IELTS.

Information and explanations about IELTS are very detailed in this book with the contents of the book easy to digest and understand by anyone who reads it.

This book is specifically intended for anyone who wants to succeed in taking the IELTS test, in fact each type of test namely: reading, speaking, writing and listening is discussed specifically so that it can be better understood by the reader.

Understand Techniques and Learning Methods

Try to do the learning sequentially first, starting with the type of test that you are good at, for example you tend to be more proficient in writing techniques, then start with the writing test, pay attention to the questions given, understand the meaning of the question and give answers according to the questions, after completion try to compare the results with the correct answer, if your answer is wrong try to do an analysis.

Especially on the listening test, remember that the pronunciation in British accents is very different from American accents, so you have to really understand how to pronounce each word in English, especially in British style.

Then, on the reading test, try to read quickly and look for the important points of each question to make it easier for you to understand the meaning of the question. Meanwhile, in the writing test, try not to repeat every word the same, use paraphrases or synonyms, besides never abbreviate every word in the writing test because it will reduce the weight of the score in the IELTS test.

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