How to Take Care of Car Paint to Always Look New


A clean car with shiny paint certainly makes the owner feel confident. This certainly requires proper maintenance so that your car can always look shiny. Especially if the car is used for daily activities and is exposed to sunlight and pollution. Then, what is the recommended way to care for car paint so that it always looks shiny?

Easy Ways to Keep Car Paint Shiny

Many people feel uncomfortable with the appearance of their car paint that is getting dull. Even though it has been washed many times, it still looks dirty because of the dull paint problem. Actually, it’s not difficult to keep your car’s paint shiny like new. Here are some ways to care for car paint to keep it shiny:

  1. Parking in the Shade

The first thing to note is the location when parking the car. It is highly recommended not to park the car in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight. Especially when the sun is hot. It’s better to find a shady place to park so that your car’s paint is not exposed directly to the hot sun.

Please note that exposure to sunlight that lasts long enough can damage the condition of the car paint. The appearance of the car paint becomes dull and the sharpness of the color fades. If you are used to parking your car in direct sunlight, then the quality of the car paint color will definitely continue to decline every day.

  1. Use special soap when washing

Do not carelessly choose soap when washing the car. The problem of car washing soap is often considered trivial by most people. We recommend washing your car with soap or a special car shampoo. Many people are used to washing cars with detergent and even dab of soap. Whereas the type of soap used to wash the car body can affect the quality of the paint.

Please note that detergents and soaps are not designed specifically for washing cars. Therefore, the formula has the potential to damage the quality of the paint on your car. So it is highly recommended to use a special soap or shampoo. A special car cleaning fluid has been designed with a formula that can maintain the quality and sharpness of car paint colors.

  1. Clean regularly

How to care for car paint is actually fairly easy, especially if done carefully and carefully. One way that can be done to maintain the quality of car paint is to clean it regularly. Dust and dirt can cover the surface of the car paint so it will make it look dull.

In addition to washing your car, you can also maintain cleanliness by regularly wiping the car body. Try to rinse the car body as soon as possible after being exposed to rain water. Rainwater that hits the car body and is left alone without being wiped will usually leave a crust. The longer it is left, the more difficult it will be to remove this crust.

  1. Use a soft cloth when wiping the car

If you really want to wipe the car body, use a soft cloth. Avoid using any cloth with a rough surface. Also make sure the cloth is clean. Dust and dirt stuck to the fabric can make the texture of the fabric rougher. This can damage the surface of the car body paint so it will not look shiny anymore.

We recommend that you provide a special cloth for your car. You can buy a special chamois for cleaning the car. Do not use the rag to clean other objects. Always keep the rag clean and make sure there is no dirt stuck to it when you use it to wipe the car body. In order to keep it clean, this cloth can be stored in a special place.

  1. Perform Periodic Polishing

One of the effective ways to keep your car’s paint color gloss is perfect by regularly polishing it. You can take the car to a paint polishing workshop so that the color of the car body remains shiny like new. However, this requires a fairly expensive cost. You can make it an option if it’s already available budget adequate.

  1. Wear Car Cover

How to make shiny paint on your car body is actually very diverse. One of them you can do by wearing a car holster. This is a product that is used to protect your car from exposure to sunlight, rain, or other external factors. Perfect for use if your car is parked in the open more often.

Car cover is a type of tool that can provide effective car paint protection. How to use it is also easy because it stays closed on the car body. Make sure all parts of the car body are perfectly covered to prevent the paint from getting dirty and dull.

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