How to track a lost Samsung cellphone using Find My Mobile, it’s easy

When HP is lost, owners must be panicked and confused about how to find HP again. For Samsung smartphone users, there is a way track a lost Samsung phone using Find My Mobile. Find My Mobile is indeed prepared for Samsung to anticipate the loss of a Samsung smartphone by the owner.

With this feature, the owner can not only reinvent the position smartphone. However, it is also possible for the owner to delete all data or disable smartphone from a distance. Some Samsung users, still don’t know how to take advantage of this feature. The following are the stages of tracking a Samsung cellphone with the Find My Mobile feature.

1. Have a Samsung Account First

Before being able to take advantage of the Find My Mobile feature from Samsung. Owners smartphone Samsung must have a Samsung Account first. Therefore, for Samsung smartphone owners, don’t underestimate the existence of a Samsung Account.

Immediately create a Samsung Account as soon as you have smartphone Samsung. Account smartphone This Samsung can be made directly in website Samsung makes use of email and phone numbers.

2. Login to Samsung Official Website

The next way to track a lost Samsung cellphone is to log in to the official Samsung website. This is done as soon as possible after the Samsung cellphone disappears. Open the official Samsung website and enter the Find My Mobile feature.

Then login with the previously created Samsung Account. To log in to the official Samsung website, users can use a browser from another smartphone. Can also be accessed via a PC or laptop browser.

3. Track Samsung Smartphone Where You Are

Once the account is successfully logged in, the Samsung system will immediately track where the Samsung cellphone is located. The display presented on this website will be in the form of a map display that shows the position of the cellphone. Samsung HP owners can also activate the guide feature to direct Samsung HP owners closer to the device.

4. Lock Smartphone Remotely

As a preventive measure so that the smartphone is not tampered with by strangers. Samsung smartphone owners can lock the smartphone first remotely. You do this by activating the ‘Lock Phone’ feature on the Samsung website.

Samsung smartphone owners can also display a message on a locked smartphone. In the message, the smartphone owner can include a contact or phone number that can be contacted so that the person who finds the smartphone can return the cellphone that was found.

If the smartphone has returned to the hands of the original owner, the owner can carry out activities again. So, a locked smartphone can be unlocked and used again.

5. Erase All Smartphone Data As A Final Step

There are times when even though it has been tracked and its position is known, the smartphone still cannot be found. It could be, the smartphone has been found by someone else or stolen and the smartphone location feature has been turned off. As a final step to secure personal data. Owners smartphone Samsung can also erase all data at once.

You do this by taking advantage of the ‘Clear My Phone’ feature on the Samsung website. This method ensures that the existing data is not misused by smartphone thieves. Besides, it will be more difficult for thieves to take advantage of smartphone back because it has lost many of its features.

That’s how to track a lost Samsung cellphone using Find My Mobile. For Samsung smartphone owners, make sure to create a Samsung Account once you have a Samsung smartphone. Without this account, owners will not be able to take advantage of the Find My Mobile feature. Though this feature can be very helpful to find back a lost Samsung smartphone.

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