How to Transfer Funds to the Latest Gopay 2022


There are many conveniences offered by Dana and Gopay that provide a direct transfer feature from Dana to Gopay along with the integration between providers digital money making the balance transfer process easier, including transferring funds to Gopay or wanting to top up Go-Pay via the Dana application.

Ease of technology-based transactions, including how to transfer Funds to gopay are increasingly pampering users of these two types of digital wallet applications, so that they are in great demand by users, because they are simpler and more practical.

As is known, funds are one of the most popular electronic money applications in Indonesia which were developed specifically for various conveniences of digital transactions.

Meanwhile, Gopay is a digital money-based application that was originally used to support the payment process for Gojek’s transportation services, which is integrated directly with Gopay as payment through digital money, which has begun to be widely used by Indonesian people as transactions, including support from various other platforms, including from various marketplaces.

Now, to support the many conveniences or benefits that users can get, both Gopay and Dana. You can do various needs directly from your smartphone. Including transferring or transferring funds to gopay.

The Fund transfer feature to Gopay and vice versa is indeed the flagship of these two leading types of electronic money in Indonesia to suit the demands of the needs of its users.

Benefits of Fund Transfer to Gopay

There are many advantages offered by the two platforms in terms of the ease and advantages of transferring funds to Gopay you can do easily. You can also transfer Dana’s digital balance to other digital wallets.

As is known, Dana is electronic money that you can use to make payment and financial transactions through the Dana application. You can use Dana to make various payments, such as services in the Dana application, shops or restaurants of Dana’s business partners, to Pay later for selected customers.

In addition, you can also use the Fund for other financial transactions, such as balance transfers to other users and to banks.

How to Transfer Funds to Gopay

The main requirement to be able to transfer Funds balance to Gopay all you have to do is upgrade your gopay account to a gopay plus account. In order to be able to upgrade your gopay account to gopay plus, it is mandatory to take a selfie with the original identity card that you have. If it’s been upgraded, here’s a guide for transferring funds to gopay:

Guide to Transfer Funds Balance to Gopay

  • Open the Funds application and select the View All menu.
  • Then select the Digital Balance menu in the Top up Sub Menu as shown in the following image.
  • Select GoPay.
  • Gopay Top Up Through Funds
  • Enter the GoJek or Gopay account mobile number that will receive the balance. (Only mobile number, no transfer code or virtual account number.)
  • Send Funds to Gopay
  • Then fill in the nominal transfer to GoPay at least 10,000 then tap Continue.
  • Check again whether the GoPay number, account name and balance transfer amount are correct? If correct, select Confirm.
  • Tap Pay.
  • Transaction Send Balance Successful
  • Enter the DANA account PIN.
  • If the DANA balance transfer is successful, the money will be transferred to the recipient’s GoPay account.

How to Send Funds to Gopay Through a Virtual Account

If there is no digital balance menu in the Dana application, you must first know the Virtual Account number to be able to top up Gopay. You do this by transferring funds to GoPpy via Permata Bank with bank code 898 + GoJek account mobile number that will receive money, then fill in the nominal you want to transfer and make sure the gojek number and nominal are correct then click Transfer.

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