Important! Here are 6 Ways to Overcome a Slow Laptop


Slow laptop performance will of course hinder your work. There are many factors that cause a laptop to suddenly slow down, making its performance decrease. To overcome this, here are ways to overcome a slow laptop that you can apply

Uninstall Never Used Apps

Too many applications and have a large size on a laptop can cause laptop performance to slow down. Therefore, you should delete applications that you feel are not needed so that the laptop memory can be loose. Apart from that, you also need to check for apps that were accidentally installed.

Installing Antivirus on Laptop

How to overcome a slow laptop can be done by installing an antivirus. Slow laptop performance can be caused by a virus that enters the laptop when transferring files over the internet. We recommend that you use an antivirus that is effective, legal and safe in warding off viruses.

Reset Windows

Laptops that have been used for a long time will usually affect the work of windows operations. This causes windows laptops to often crash and slow. Before reset windows, you need back up data to prevent all files from being lost during the reset process.

Adding Ram to Laptop

Adding a laptop RAM with a larger capacity is also a very powerful way to overcome a slow laptop. This is because the laptop’s RAM has a small capacity, while the data stored on the laptop will cause a lot of slow laptop performance.

When you decide to add RAM, you should also make sure that the RAM has specifications according to the laptop and the applications in it.

Using Cooling Pad

Cooling Pad is a tool that can help laptops to stay at a stable temperature and not easily heat up. Usually this tool is installed on the bottom of the laptop. Laptops that get hot easily will cause program performance to run very slowly.

Using the Lite Feature App

How to overcome this one slow laptop is specifically intended for Windows 7 laptop users. By using the liter feature application, it will make the hard disk not work too hard. Features in the application can also be used to reduce the memory on the laptop to be looser.


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